Legends have it that the Almighty gives a daughter to the very lucky and deserving families. But when you are blessed with a second daughter also, then you surely must have done some great deeds in your previous life. If today is the day when your younger daughter arrived on the planet, then we have some heartfelt, religious, and Inspiring wishes for her from both Mom and Dad. Do share them with her and it will make her feel grateful for having such wonderful parents like you.

May the smile on you always remain young, charming, and refreshing. Happy Birthday to my darling younger daughter. Loads of love to you.

When the divine was creating my younger lovely daughter, he took all the time to give you all the beauty in the world, all the intelligence and wisdom. But what am most thankful to him is for the kind heart and warmth that she has for everyone. Happy Birthday to you my girl. All the best for you.

The happiness of our family has soared through the roof after the arrival of your younger, energetic, and warm-hearted daughter. May the divine fulfills all your wishes, my dear girl. A very Happy Birthday to you.

Some things in life cannot be expressed via words and my dear daughter, I cannot express how much I adore you since you came into our lives. You may be younger but the level of your warmth, kindness and intelligence is light years ahead. I wish you all the happiness in life. Happy Birthday dear!

From Mother

I may have to bear a lot of pain to bring you into this world my younger & pretty daughter, but it was all worth the happiness that you have given to your mommy. You are young but many years wise and I hope you achieve plenty of success in both your personal and professional life. Happy Birthday, dear!

A girl’s best friend will always be her mother. And a mother adores her friendship with her daughter more than anything else. But how lucky is that mother who has two daughters? And you, my younger one, is mighty exuberant, charming, and have beauty with brains. I couldn’t have asked for anyone from the Almighty except my younger daughter. Happy Birthday to you dear! Lots of blessings from mommy.

From Dad

To my gorgeous, younger princess, it enlivens my heart and soul to see you loathe with happiness, blissfulness, and prosperity. Your daddy prays that the divine bestows all its blessings upon you. l am lucky to have been blessed with a younger daughter like you. Your happiness is all that your Daddy wishes for from the divine. Happy Birthday, sweetheart.

To my dear younger daughter! I am so happy today. Of course, today is the day when a cute little girl came out crying into this world. Of course, that cute girl has gotten cuter and daddy is extremely proud of that younger one. Father wishes all the best for you my sweet heart! No one like you.