A wise man once said that staying silent against injustice is a crime too. Today, we have so many blind people that need our support, not just in words but in action that will improve the quality of their life. There are several inspirational blind figures that have shown that a blind person can be more than useful to society. The purpose of this post is to remind each and everyone that we owe ourselves to take little action that will make things easier for blind people.

Blindness may be an obstacle but it is also a test, not only for the individual but also for the society as God wants to see who helps them the most. Let us vow to contribute to helping the blind in the little possible manner we can.

Life can be difficult for the blind individual. But their resilience and will can take them to unexpected heights. May God gives them more strength, happiness, and well-being than they need. Happy World White Cane Day 2022.

A blind person may not see but that doesn’t let him or her put the imagination into the real world.

Sympathy and action are poles apart in helping a blind person. May we belong to the latter rather than the former group of people.

If your life is miserable, take a look at the accomplishments of the blind. If you are unable to believe in yourself even then, then even God cannot help you.

It is a crime against humanity if we do not do something for the empowerment of blind people.

There may be few blind people on the Earth but most of the people are mentally blind to their plus points.

You may be blind but that cannot define how you live your life. May you enjoy all the goodness that you desire.