Let us admit. So many lives couldn’t have been saved if there wasn’t a proper way to sedate the patient and make him unconscious. Imagine the trauma that a person may have to go through if surgeries are performed without anesthesia. The surgery in such a scenario could be fatal. This is why Anesthesiologists rave across the world as the method puts you in a deep sleep where you not only feel anything but you also don’t remember the traumatic event.

Thanks to Anesthesia and the doctors who make surgeries possible without any pain. You guys are truly God’s gift to patients.

We are glad to be living in times where pain can be managed so effectively.

We never realize the value of things until they have not arrived. The pain was excruciating before Anesthesia came into existence. May the technology improves even more.

Miracles are rare but not a myth. The demonstration of the first successful administration of ether amnesia is one such real and rare miracle.  Happy World Anesthesia Day!

It is the day when not only the patients but even the doctors would be grateful to the Anesthesiologists as without them, they wouldn’t be able to do the surgery.

No parent can ever see their kid crying. Thanks to the almighty that Anesthesia is there for our sweet little ones.

Humans have proved that where there is a will, there is always a way. Kudos to all the Anesthesiologists that make it so easy for patients.

Surgeries become so much easier when there is no pain.

If you have ever thought of the greatest miracle on Earth, it is the ability to keep you without pain during the most invasive procedures that are ever thought of.