2023 marks the 35th anniversary of the World Aids Day since its inception in 1988. The day is the annual observance of the Aids which has been put under the category of global epidemic. The day was reserved by the World Health Organization and the first case was reportedly found in 1981. The primary aim to celebrate this day is to raise awarness about various aspects of it.

Why is Worlds Aid Day Celebrated?

There are numerous reasons why this day is celebrated but the primary object is to raise awareness about this diesease and also about the stigma and taboo around it. Let us explain in detail all the reasons for celebrating this day.

Increase awareness: – There are many people in this world who don’t know about HIV or Aids, let alone know the difference between them. This day aims to bring spotlight on the public awareness programs about Aids. HIV virus can easily be spread by unprotected sex and through blood transfusion from a infected donor.

There are many people in this world who don’t have access to essential healthcare, prevention and treatment services for this diesease. By putting a limelight on it, we encourage the society so that getting effective treatment and a good quality of life becomes easier.

Eliminating taboo around this subject : – People walking with HIV virus often suppress this information from society in order to avoid discriminated behaviour against them. Due to lack of knowledge, people can go to extreme lengths in order to ban HIV / Aids people from the participation in the society and community. The Worlds Aids Day reminds us of the compassion and normalcy that HIV patients desereve just like any other human being.

To Let know about the latest research and development in this field : – Medical Science has jumped by leaps and bounds for the efficacy of the treatment of HIV and Aids patient. Infected people can expect a normal life expectancy provided their condition is diagonsed early. It is also expected that the treatment will only improve in the coming years and decades.

Preventive methods : – Simple acts of having unprotected sex with strangers and prostitutes can spread the virus. There are reports that even Oral sex can spread the HIV Aids virus. The preventive methods include having intercourse with only the known partner. Care also must be taken while donating blood because the infected needles can also spread the HIV virus.

Why 1st of December was chosen to celebrate the Aids Day?

James Bunn and Thomas Netter, the journalist and contributor respectively, suggested 1st of December to be the observer of Worlds Aid Day. The primary logic was that in 1988, the date had enough gap from the US presidential election (8th November) and the Christmas Day i.e. 25th of December and therefore, it was believed that the 1st of December would receive ample coverage from the Western media.

How can you celebrate Worlds Aid Day and show your solidarity?

Usually, people wear Red colored bands on this day, which is the universal symbol of love, support and solidarity for people living with HIV.

Wishes for Worlds Aid Day 2023

May HIV and Aids witness the same fate of polio i.e. elimination.

May God bless healthy and quality life to the victims of this diesease.

The world would be so kind, loving and thriving if there would be more HIV empathetic society.

Increased Awareness: I wish for increased global awareness about HIV/AIDS, its prevention, and the importance of destigmatizing the virus.

Access to Healthcare: I wish for everyone affected by HIV/AIDS to have access to quality healthcare, treatment, and support services.

Education: I wish for comprehensive and accurate HIV/AIDS education in schools and communities, reducing the spread of the virus.

An End to Stigma: I wish for a world where people living with HIV/AIDS are not judged, discriminated against, or stigmatized.

Prevention and Protection: I wish for effective prevention strategies, including access to condoms, PrEP, and other preventive measures.

Scientific Progress: I wish for continued research and breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS treatment and a step closer to finding a cure.

Support for Affected Communities: I wish for strong community support networks for individuals and families impacted by HIV/AIDS.

Zero Discrimination: I wish for a world where there is zero discrimination based on HIV status, gender, or sexual orientation.

Global Solidarity: I wish for countries and organizations to work together in a unified effort to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

A Future Without HIV/AIDS: Ultimately, I wish for a future where HIV/AIDS is no longer a global health crisis, and we can celebrate a world without the virus.

What is the theme of 2023 Worlds Aid Day

On the the 35th commemoration of this Worlds Aids Day, the theme is “Remember and Commit“. The first time this day was celebrated was in 1988.

Activities for 2023 Worlds Aid Day

Activities are an important way to understand the significance of an event. And if you are looking for younger minds to grasp the importance of this day, then conducting relevant activities are the perfect way to do it such as

  1. Writing Essays about Prevention of HIV, its latest treatments and famous people who are diagnosed with it.
  2. Visiting an NGO of HIV aids infected people and donate food and money.
  3. Taking out rallies in order to spread awareness about it.

Famous people who have been diagnosed with Aids

Charlie Sheen (Actor) : – Sheen is a renowned actor known for his role in the Two and Half men series. While his professional life witnessed a massive peak in the late 2000 decade, his personal life has always been in the news for the wrong reasons. Sheen was rumored to have flings not only with other actresses but also with the escorts. Sheen opened up on air about his HIV problem in 2015 and stated that he spent a lot of money on keeping this as a secret.

Jonathan Van Ness (Famous personality) : – Known for his hair styling and for podcasts, he revealed in 2019 about his HIV condition. He has also openely stated about his homosexual attribute. As per wikipedia, he was addicted to sex and drugs during his college life and these acts might have inherited the HIV virus.

2023 Worlds Aid Day Inspiring Slogans and Messages

“Spread Love, Not HIV.”

“No Shame, No Blame, Just Support.”

“Support, Don’t Stigmatize.”

“Empower, Educate, End AIDS.”

“Lead with Love, Not Fear.”

“Living Positively, Inspiring Others.”

“A World Without AIDS Is Possible.”

“Dignity, Compassion, Solidarity.”. Together we stand with HIV patients.

“Together, We Can End the Epidemic.”

“Stand Up, Speak Out, Stay Safe.”