Some of the joyous, exuberant and learning lessons of my life have been with you. I wish the Lord has plenty of it in our kitty of life. May our bond remain alive for eternity. Happy Birthday dear!

The divine has bestowed you with amazing emotional as well as physical attributes. May you make the most of them and climb the ladder of success. Lots of birthday blessings to you dear!

I am so thankful to Lord because he not only made you beautiful from outside but from the inside too. Your charm, altruism and work ethic is mighty inspiring for any young individual. I wish there be more people like you in this world. Happy Birthday dear!

When the Lord intents to create a beautiful women like you, he certainly takes you into consideration. I am sure he certainly took a lot of time in sculpting you with all your physical and emotional traits. I wish you stay like this forever. A very happy birthday to you.

The Lord always has a plan for us. If not one, then another but he has plenty for all of us in this world. May we do good deeds to make other’s happy and him too. Happy Birthday dear!

Spending time with you makes my heart tranquil, peaceful, joyous too. The natural highs and adrenaline with you is far more potent and healthy than those man made ones. I wish every individual gets a friend like you. Wishing you the mightiest birthday. Lets raise a toast tonight.

“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all of my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy” (Philippians 1:3-4). Happy Birthday, dear friend!

The Lord has been kind enough to not only give me a wonderful life but to bestow me a friend like you. You are a rare gem composed of the finest qualities. I thank you for infusing all of that into me too. A very happy birthday to you.

Sometimes life throws us with unexpected obstacles and failures. Faith in the Lord and persistence in your efforts is the only way to turn around things in your favour. I wish you keep the pursuit on and never give up. Happy Birthday to you dear!

You may feel dejected at times but never doubt your worth because the Almighty created you with pure intentions. You are his unique child in this universe and you always will be. On this birthday, I wish all the blessings of the Lord be bestowed upon you.

Very Inspiring blessings

The divine has given us equal talents and abilities to make it big in our lives but success often requires a desire akin to trying to breathe when one is under the water. All the best for your future. Happy Birthday!

Whether its the good or bad times, there is only thing that will always be by your side and that is the Lord. He will believe in your abilities when no one else will. So keep moving forward because you will always have the support of our creator. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

God has an uncanny knack for presenting help out of the blue. So the next time when you feel dejected and worthless, keep in mind that the Almighty is figuring ways to help you out. Keep the persistence high till then. Happy Birthday dear!

The best doctor in this world is our immune system and it is synced with the Lord Almighty whose blessings enable it to work efficiently for us. May the divine keeps you healthy, fit and in awesome vibration for the rest of your life. A very happy birthday to you.

The people who are tremendously successful in their lives are the ones who may have difference of opinions with people but difference of heart and resentment. I pray to the Lord for your immense success. Many many happy returns of the day to you.

God has been kind enough to send some awesome human beings on this planet like you. May he send more of you so that this world becomes nicer, happier and more compassionate towards each other. Happy Birthday dear! I am sure the Almighty will bless you with amazing success.

Life Purpose birthday Blessings

We all have a purpose in life and that is to do something which helps the humanity to raise its consciousness and awareness. The Almighty has blessed us with infinite potential to mark in this world. I am sure you too will do amazing things in life. Happy Birthday!

If you ever receive an unexpected help, know that God has played a big part in it. So never let go of the help out of the blue. Happy Birthday dear! Cheers to your longevity, exuberance and wisdom.

The divine sent us alone in this world and we will depart alone only after our time in this world. Therefore, if there is someone who will always be with us, it is we our self only. The joy in life is to enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of ourselves and of others. Happy Birthday!

The purpose of life has always been tied up with balance. The Lord wants us to be happy and content and yet look to achieve more, strive to become more and things to do more in order to expand our’s and other’s quality of life. Happy Birthday!