Husband and wife banter are some of the life moments that an individual will ever enjoy. Funny wishes on special occasions are the way to keep the spark alive and make an individual feel special. If today is the birthday of your dear wife, then you definitely should wish her a funny message. But coming up with them at the last minute is not easy. So here in this post, you will find plenty of such funny wishes for your wife’s birthday. Pull her legs, tease her and make her laugh hard with these amazing wishes for her.

Dear wife! When the going gets tough for a woman, the tough get going, to the husband for help. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to the real boss of my life.

Thanks in advance to the wonderful birthday gift, that you will be buying for yourself from my own wallet ofcourse.

Its a miracle that out of seven billion people, you were the one who got stuck with me.

Behind those gorgeous looks and stunning style, is the worker like grind of your dear husband.

You may be older today than your previous birthday but at least you are younger than your next birthday.

Happy Birthday dear wife. May you always remain young, energetic, and hot, in your mind at least.

Dear Wifey! On your birthday, you really don’t need to do the dishes and laundry. You can always do that the next day. Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!

Thanks to the divine for blessing our kids with Wifey’s hot looks and my intelligence. Really wonder how things would have been if they were blessed vice-versa. Happy Birthday, dear!

The best way to understand gravity is to watch your wife closely over the years. Best understanding ever.

It is absolutely true that the happiness of my wife is indirectly proportional to the no. of hairs on my head.

May you always smile like a bright, cheerful sunflower, at least till the time you have got all your teeth in place.

I have acquired the secret of staying young forever from my wife, and that is by lying through the teeth.

I have realized over the years, that wisdom not only increases with age but can also spiral down owing to hot, sexy and crazy wife. Happy Birthday my crazy wife.

My dear wife. You still have the looks of a teen ager, and the wisdom too.

It’s a real skill to look gorgeous on one day and a total hideous on the other. Some skills you have wifey.

The Funniest Birthday Wishes for Wifey

Dear Wifey! Aging is inevitable but growing up is a choice, and a good one. What are your thoughts on that!!

Some of the best pleasures in life is to stand alongside a smart, funny, helpful and handsome husband. What are your great thoughts on it dear wifey!

Legends have it that the best things in life come with a heavy price. I now understand what they meant.

I hope the candles on this birthday will fit on the cake easily.

Its the day when I want to make you feel special, precious. So sit back and relax while I prepare the food, with no guarantee of course of making it good.

On this birthday, I am so happy to let you know that there are multiple hair colors now available for the greyest of hairs.

I was thinking about giving you the perfect gift for your birthday but then I realized you already have one in the form of me.

The best feeling in the world is in the anticipation of gifts and not in having them. Therefore, on this birthday, I am announcing a nice birthday gift for your next birthday. Cheers!

Dear Wife! Do not be surprised if people will now start giving you seats in public transport.