Dear Wife! Only a dime like you can get the best out of man. Thanks for always being by my side and supporting me. Happy Birthday greetings for a gorgeous wife!

I am the best version of my masculinity, of my caring and altruism owing to my equally gorgeous and altrustic wifey! So proud to have you by my side darling! A very happy birthday!

The natural euphoria and highs of life is worth every bit. Thank you wifey for giving me many of those. Love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday!

There are times when I have given up on life, only to be risen from the ashes like phoenix due to the fervent and vibrant support of my wonderful wife. May every man gets a wife like her!

If I have to move the mountain to have you as my wife in all the next lifetimes, I would do that too wifey! Happy Birthday and all the luck for your success in personal and professional endeavors.

We both may have our share of flaws, but I wouldn’t change a thing about my wifey! She understands every fiber of my being. The heart still skips a beat everytime I see her even after so many years of marriage.

Every relation has its ups and down but when two souls are the participant, then even the highs and the lows become the roller coaster ride. Happy Birthday!

You are a like a ray of sunshine who has only infused this house with her positivity, exuberance and vigor. You are not only a great wife but even a phenomenal mother.

I may be a complete family man but that has only been possible because of my lovely wife, who is too a complete family woman.

The heroes of the fiction world will fade away if they would hear the real struggle and success story of my wife. She is surely a Shero!

It takes one hell of a strong woman to get accustomed to a man like me. You are also worth the effort of every bit of chasing darling.

You may disagree with me but I know that you will never be angry with me because the divine has tied our hearts with the invisible yet powerful strings of love, respect and admiration. Happy Birthday to my lovely wife!

We may be far from each other but our thoughts and well wishes will always traverse the space and time.

The world be so much nicer, cooperative in every aspect of life if there would be more women like my wife. She is the epitome of a perfect wife and mother.

From caring deeply about me, being my confidant, to giving birth to my children, there is nothing in this world that you cannot do. You are the perfect role model for being a family woman.

After so many years of marriage, I can certainly see that Life wouldn’t have been a roller coaster ride if the divine wouldn’t have brought together the two of us. You are one in a million wifey! Happy Birthday!

I am very confident to say that when the divine wants to sculpt a beautiful, gorgeous and intelligent woman, he takes the references of wife’s physical and emotional attributes. Happy Birthday wifey!

Funny birthday greetings wishes for Wife

You already know darling that whether its your birthday or mine, whose money will be spent! Hehehe!

Its only because of the relentless although constructive criticism of my wife that I was able to push myself through the uncomfort zone. Thanks a ton Wifey! That’s what wives are suppose to do Isn’t it 😀

Thriving my wisdom was out of the equation after marrying you wifey! The challenge was and will always be to keep the remaining intact for years to come.

One can always measure the happiness of a woman by counting the no. of gray hairs of her husband. Hehehe!! Kidding only wifey! Happy Birthday!

Its so easy to understand the concept of gravity and time by observing my wife. I now completely understand those phenomena.

No matter how much I will earn the riches, my wife is equally capable to spend almost all of it. You are good at it wifey don’t you!

I am so glad that our children got the looks from their mother and the intelligence part from their mother. Things would have been miserable if they had got both those qualities from the vice versa.

I am well aware that the space on our bed has started to decrease owing to my big tummy size. Am working on it wifey! But till then, treat my tummy like your telly belly!

Is it a miracle or does my wife actually possess the fountain of youth? Oh I think its her lying through the teeth.

Wifey you won’t believe it but it is my deepest desires to make love to you when you look like the Bellatrix Lestrange of Harry potter.

The best feeling of birthday is always in the anticipation of the birthday gift and not only the actual gift itself. Therefore, let me keep your feelings high by sending you a birthday gift next year.