It is not every day that we see two men marrying each other. Gay Marriages are not common and still raise eyebrows in many parts of the world. Thankfully, the world is now becoming more liberal and has a different perspective toward Gay Marriages. If you know a Gay couple who is about to get married, then we have some fine wishes for them in this post.

Congrats on being married. Now you two will have more time in the world to keep hands on each other. Happy married life!

You are about to start one of the most exciting chapters of life, MARRIAGE! So happy to see you. Lots of love!

You guys have my utmost respect for taking such a bold decision in life. So proud of you two!

I can’t even imagine the number of hurdles you have both come through to see this happy day. I wish more people be open-minded and understanding in this world so that we see many beautiful guys marrying partners of their choice.

Two beautiful souls have combined today! Couldn’t be happier for you two guys! Many Congratulations sweethearts!

Funny Wishes Gay Marriage

Now you guys have to only figure out how to have a baby! But I guess, you have plenty of time for that!

I am 99.9% percent happy for you. The remaining happiness will only be fulfilled after you two will give me a grand party.

Lots of women will be unhappy today seeing two handsome men getting off the market. Congratulations on the marriage!

I can only imagine how handsome the baby would be born out of you two! But you have to figure that out!