While wisdom is usually the natural by product of ageing, some people remain devoid of it even after growing well past their physical growth. Happy Birthday by the way!

There is a universal saying that when the going gets tough, the tough does get going. However, this phrase doesn’t apply to you mate!

We make an amazing pair of friends. I am good looking, charming and handsome and you know how to be cordial even with the a**holes.

Almost every wish of yours have been accomplished by you, in your dreams. I think its time they are transformed into reality too. Happy Birthday to you!

Understanding gravity and time is not that hard. One simply needs to observe an fold like you over the years.

I am really grateful that we have Zuckerberg like guys who made FB. It notifies me of every Tom, dick and Harry in my friend’s list. Oh by the way, a very happy birthday to you!

Hey Dear! Every time I gulp down two drinks, you look mighty gorgeous to me.

Wisdom may not have a direct correlation with your age but your tummy size certainly has. Happy Birthday to you!

A lot of my success has come because of your relentless criticism and leg pulling. Thank you for that. That’s what you guys are for Isn’t it!!

“You are extremely handsome”. That’s what many women think of Brad Pitt. Oh by the way, happy birthday to you!

Its only a myth that Wisdom increases with age. For some, it can even spiral down.

Sometimes, we need 100s of luck if not thousands along with a little bit of hard work in order to bring our dreams into fruition.

Best Friend Mean birthday wishes

Its nice to have a best friend with whom one can borrow money and not worry about returning it.

Its not a myth that people become pleasing to the eyes with every passing year. You are the best example of it I guess. 😀

Its no mean feat to befriend some amazing people in life. I would like to pat your back for achieving that feat with me. You have made an excellent choice.

Today is the day when you can gorge on food. Just don’t go berserk on it like a dog.

You are not only my best friend but also my great punchbag. May you stay the same forever. Happy Birthday!

You have set an amazing benchmark last year, of laziness. I can bet a lot of money for the trend to continue this year.

Sometimes its not the divine that propels us to work harder, but a straight boot from our best friend that does the job. Happy Birthday to you!

For tolerating your nonsense and trauma from time to time, I should certainly get a king size, wine and dine treatment. What you say Aye!

For Sister

“You are extremely beautiful”. That’s what most guys tell to Jennifer Aniston. Happy Birthday to you!

Whether it is your birthday or mine, we know for whom we will do the shopping, right Sister!!! Happy Birthday by the way! Where is the party tonight?

When insanity needs a new level of benchmark, you always come into my mind.

Who says that more age equate to more wisdom ???? The one reading this message is the best example of it!!!!!!

When I have to send the best birthday wishes, I always find them on Google. God bless the founders.

If there is a talent to look gorgeous and beautiful on one day, and a total hideous on the other, it certainly resides with you dear.

The best way to get over any man, is to get under another one ASAP, a thing I learnt from my dear sis. Happy Birthday Darling!

Of all the lessons you have taught me, the most important one will be to stay young, by lying through the teeth ofcourse.

The best advantage of a sister is to be able to access her wardrobe and her make up, without even letting her know.

For Brother

Many congrats for the birthday. Your fart is becoming less degusting with every passing year.

Dear Brother! I think its a universal truth that men are like dogs for the first 100 years of their life.

I have been dieting for a couple of days so that I can eat my heart’s content. The day has finally arrived and where is the party tonight????

You know, you are the best comedian in the world when you are sleeping. I am referring to your hilarious snoring.

The best innovation in the world can be your fart. It is a perfect repellant to not only humans but also to the mosquitoes. Happy Birthday Brother!

There are times when I am very angry. And when I look at your face at those very moment, I get even more angry.