The simple things in life are usually the most meaningful of all. And one of the easy ways to give a heartwarming birthday wish to someone is by sending them simple birthday wishes and nothing too fancy. But coming up with the simple wishes is not easy and this is why we are writing this post for you.

Life not only has become simpler with your arrival in life but meaningful too. I wish this birthday brings you immense success this year.

I wish more the world have more simpler people, no fuss people like you. Happy Birthday!

I am happy that the divine has given you plenty in life. I wish more of goodness, happiness and ecstasy for you. Happy Birthday!

It is amazing how time flies when the two of us are together. God bless us both. Lots of birthday wishes to you!

Life has been more than amazing to me and you are an important reason for it. God bless you!

For Best Friends Simple Birthday Wishes

Life has been amazing to me because a of a best friend like you. I wish you all the best for your personal and professional endeavor.

Success may come late but persistence will truly led to it. Keep the pursuit high. Don’t give up!

You are the rare jewel that not only goes after the passion but also propels others around them towards their own goals and vision. So happy to see you! A very happy birthday to you!

Differences too with best friends increases love, respect and admiration. I am happy to have someone like you. Happy Birthday!

There are acquaintances, there are friends, best friends and then there are special people like you! All the best for your future!

Best friends are those who always stay with the thick and thin. You have nothing short of phenomenal over the years. Happy birthday!

The highs and the lows wouldn’t have been the same without you. You are the natural euphoric drug that every person deserves. I wish you all the best for success.

There is no one in this world who can be a better crime partner to me than you. Happy Birthday dear!

For Dad Awesome Simple wishes birthday

Dear Dad, I couldn’t have asked for a better dad from the divine. You are the complete package. A very happy birthday to you!

I don’t need comics and fictional heroes to inspire myself. My dad’s heroics are real and more than enough. Proud to your kid Dad! Happy Birthday!

When I lost faith in myself, you picked and reinvigorated me. You are beyond awesome Daddy! Happy Birthday!

No matter Mommy says No No No to my wishes, my dad will always say Yes, Yes Yes, though in secrecy. 😀

You taught me the real secret of life, which is simplicity. I wish every child gets a dad like you.

Every Son needs an umbrella of love, direction and someone to look to. And no one could have been perfect than you.

Its every daughter’s wish to be pampered like a princess. You do more than that and I adore every bit of it. I wish you happiness, and lots of longevity.

For Mother

Its only a blessing of a mother like you that a child can be happy and thriving in this world. You are my lifeline mommy. Happy Birthday!

No matter how far we are from one another, your blessings will always reach and soothe my heart. Lots of love dear mother!

You are an angel who has given us such a wonderful life. Your smile and blessings is everything to me. Happy Birthday dear Mother!

The blessings of my previous life are bestowed to me in this life with a mommy like you. Wishing you health, happiness and longevity.

The world would thrive more, love more with each other if every household will have a mother like mine. You are one in a million mother. A very happy birthday!

For Husband

You are a classy individual, a once in a million guy. I am your beloved queen. Happy Birthday!

You may not agree but at times, there is an insane joy I derive in pulling your legs. I hope you won’t mind it forever.

No stress and obstacles of life are big enough from which you cannot catapult me out of them.

There is no one other than you that understands the pulse rate of my inner being. I wish extreme success and happiness.

The birthday may be yours’s but we know for whom we will be doing all the shopping today Isn’t it hubby!

The divine has blessed me for my amazing Karma in previous life. May every woman gets a man like you!

Your mere hug and kisses at night are enough to rejuvenate my heart and mind from the daily stresses of life.

If there is one wish that is the gateway to all my happiness in the world, it is in having a man like as my husband! And the Almighty has already completed it. May all our dreams come into fruition.

For Wife

You are more than a wife. You are an angel who the divine made so beautifully. I love you with all my heart. Happy Birthday dear Wifey!

There are times that the divine remembers you deeply, especially when he wants to create and send a beautiful, smart, intelligent, classy girl on this planet.

Today on your birthday, I prayed to the divine to have you in all my lifetimes too. You are the epitome of a perfect woman.

Your radiant and fervent smile can enliven the cells of even a corpse. You are a breath of fresh air. Happy Birthday darling!

I might not be a perfect husband but you are most certainly the perfect wife that I could have had. Here is a toast to our awesome life. Happy Birthday!

It is a blessing to have confidant and fun loving woman as the same. All the best dear! Lots of love to you!