Happy Birthday to an Uncle who is going to give us a grand party tonight. May the birthday comes every day.

When Mom says no no, dad says yes yes. But when Dad also says no no, that’s when Uncle comes handy.

May you gorge on your favorite food today, as much as your left over teeth can allow.

Happy Birthday to the handsome charming uncle. May you always be a head turner for eternity.

Dear Uncle! No matter how old you will get, you will always be the handsome, charming, and charismatic man to the world. Love you to the moon and back.

Great uncles don’t come too often on this Earth. They are only blessed to even greater nephews and nieces. Happy Birthday!

May you smile more and less angry this year.

Happy Birthday dear uncle. May you take aunty to a fine wine and dine, along with us too.

There is nothing like having a handsome, charming and charismatic nephew. Isn’t it right uncle? May you be grateful for it.

May your sleep gets more deeper and your snoring, less torturous. Happy Birthday!

Happiness is when your Uncle announces a extravagant outing on his birthday for everyone.

Whether the birthday is of ours’s or of our handsome uncle, we know for whom we will be doing the shopping. Happy Birthday!

One Line Funny Birthday wishes for Uncle regarding health

Dear Uncle! You know you are turning old when you laugh and fart at the same time.

A smile a day keeps the doctor away. A fight a day (with the aunt of course) keep the monotony away. Happy Birthday dear uncle

You may be acquiring few grey hairs. But that is the cheapest price to pay for the wisdom.

Sending you a nice birthday gift to you uncle, along with the invoice of course.