Some of the craziest people on Earth includes you! You are the perfect blend of a crazy, charming, exuberant individual who makes my day. Happy birthday to you!

We may be far apart from each other but our love and wishes will traverse the space and time. After all, the bond is forged by the divine.

They say that the noble souls are meant to go to heaven. However, the heaven lies on this planet with noble souls like you! May you achieve the star that you are shooting for immense success. Happy Birthday!

The good moments in life has only gained momentum ever since you have arrived. I hope that you pile up insane mountains of success in all your personal and professional endeavors.

Legends have it that the most erudite scientist in the world cannot predict your future success. Have faith in the Almighty and keep the pursuit high. Happy Birthday dear!

There are times when I wonder who is more significant?
The one being crazy
or the one who tolerates the crazy 😀
I guess the world needs both of them in plenty!!!

Some of the invigorating laughter, happiness and insanity can only be witnessed with unique masterpieces from the divine.

If there is an epitome of cure of depressions, then it is certainly you. I pray to the divine to send more people like you on this planet.

The biggest pleasure in birthday is that of the anticipation of the birthday gift. So I have decided to let you know that I will be sending you a nice birthday gift on your next birthday. Till then, be happy and for now, a very happy birthday to you.

The amount of crazy hours that you have worked for your rewards makes you deserving of them.

A lot about you stands out in the crows. One of them is your age and the other is your crazy look 😀

I must admit that by looking at you,
I feel that the divine was crazy high when he was creating you 😀

Your family must be wondering from where you got those amazing crazy genetics. It certainly didn’t came from your parents 😀 Maybe from previous life.

Its so wonderful to have people who are not only amazing from outside but from inside too. Glad to have you in our life.

You are the perfect cocktail of craziness, altruism, kind heartedness and successful individual. Maybe you should infuse some of those qualities in me too. A very happy birthday to you!

Every fiber of my being feels enlivened whenever you are around me. Spending time with you is like being with divinity.

I wonder what your mother ate while nurturing you in the womb to pop out one heck of an awesome, crazymanic individual like you!

Your craziness is soaring through the roof with every passing year. May it never settles for normalcy. May your charm, charisma enliven the living hell out of your friends 😀 Hahaha!! Kidding. Happy Birthday!

Where there is a will, the divine paves the way! I hope my name too paves its way into your rich will agreement. Happy Birthday to a crazy individual.

Its the day when we are gonna party like no tomorrow and smash all that birthday cake into your face. Happy Birthday!

When craziness needs a new level of benchmark, your name comes to my mind. Happy Birthday!

The amount of times you have put our a**es on the line, for adrenaline is crazy. But that’s what some insanely stupid but clear hearted friends like you will bring into life 😀

When God wants to create a crazy gene, he takes your charactumteristics for reference.

Its funny to tolerate each other at one moment and throw punches at the other moment. Maybe, we both are stupendously crazy. But I wouldn’t want to make any change about it.

There is surrealism in your presence, there is absurdity inside your head, for the good only. Stay foolish, stay hungry! God bless you!

The sure shot way to acquire wisdom is making mistakes and picking ourselves over and over again.

A person with crazy enthusiasm and subsequently chasing a dream is far more valuable than the person with feeble interest in a realistic one. May all your wishes comes true!

Life is like a roller coaster ride with you and I hope it stays like this forever. May our bond remains alive for eternity.

May you surprise yourself every time with your success and wealth. A very happy birthday to everyone.

The Almighty has blessed you with 10 times the energy that you need in this lifetime. Your energy and vibe is awesome and I am sure you will amount to magnificent success in life.

Being friend with you gives me an amazing surge of craziness. Time flies by when we are together.

The natural highs and adrenaline with you always rejuvenate me like nothing else. May there be more people like you in this beautiful world.

Your inner world is crazy and I am happy to be a part of it. May your hard work pays off big time. A very happy birthday!