When your baby turns three months old, it is time to triple your love doses, triple your care and blessings. After all, babies are meant to kissed, loved all the time. Wish your three-month-old baby boy and girl with happiness and wishes. Messages here from both Father and Mother.

A very happy 3 month wishes to my lovely baby boy. Know that your Mama loves you to the core and I will leave no stone unturned to make you smile, giggle and sleep. You are the best gift by the divine to your mommy. Wish you all the best, my baby!

My dear Son. Your mommy may have suffered labor pain but all that was worth to bring you in this world. You are the adorable cutest boy in the world my baby. Its hard to take my eyes off you. So happy to see you grow big each day. Happy 3 months to you. God bless

Baby Girl 3rd Month wishes by Mommy

Its exactly three months ago that you opened your eyes for the first time. You are the darling child that makes your mommy skip a heartbeat. You already look so beautiful my daughter. Can’t wait to see when my darling daughter will swan into a pretty-looking girl. Happy 3-month birthday sweetheart. Mommy loves you!

The princess is getting gorgeous with every passing day. We love you dearly my girl and are so proud to have you. May you be healthy, happy, and smiling like an angel.

It is the day my precious young one will celebrate her three months on this planet. Your cuteness is growing day by day my sweet heart. I am sure you are having a joyous time with your mommy and Daddy. Happy three month birthday to you darling.

Baby girl 3rd Month wishes by Dad

These last three months have been nothing short of heavenly. It is amazing how much a baby girl brings smile, happiness on her daddy’s face. Daddy loves you sweet heart because you are simply too adorable.

Daddy and Mommy wanted an angel but the great Almighty gave us more than that. You are adorable beyond measure and I hope every Dad gets a daughter like you. Happy 3rd month birthday sweet heart!

Hey Girl! All the painstaking effort that you have made your daddy go through, was all worth the pleasure. Congrats for turning three months old. Your Daddy will leave no measures left to see you smile, sleep, and giggling with laughter. You are an angel my sweetheart. Love you!

Baby Boy 3rd Month wishes by Father

It is very man’s desire to have a son who will accompany him in all his adventures. I am so glad to be blessed by you, my adorable son. When the Almighty was making you, he made sure that you will win everyone’s heart with your cute looks. These three months have been a roller coaster ride. Congrats for completing your first quarter of first year. God bless you!

Your eyes reflect of the divine and your smile is the purest I have ever seen. Mommy and Daddy have high expectations from this adorable guy and we are sure all your dreams will come to fruition.

Daddy has been so soft and emotional in life than in the last three months. People say that daddy’s are meant to be tough. But how can a father not see his heart melt when his baby son is so cute, adorable and angelic. You are the one that we have always wanted my son. Happy three-month birthday my handsome boy.