Three decades is a huge commitment in any aspect of our life. We as humans, often don’t commit to an organization usually for more than five years. This goes to show that how worth-praising it is to acknowledge 30 years of work of someone for a company. If your employee or worker has completed thirty years with your company, then it’s surely time for giving him special work anniversary messages. In this post, you will find tons of them.

Your thirty years have been a gigantic commitment. In these three decades, we have seen it all and you have certainly crossed our expectations by a mile on numerous occasions. Needless to say, we are immensely proud of having someone like you in our organization. Special thanks to your friends and family who have enabled you to put in hours of time, energy, and dedication towards us. Happy thirtieth work anniversary dear.

In any aspect of life, rarely do we find occasion to wish anyone for their 30th anniversary. Today, witnessing you work for us, gives us immense happiness and pride to say thank you. You have given thirty precious years of your life. And we couldn’t have asked anything more from you. May you enjoy great health, happiness, and prosperity always. Happy thirtieth work anniversary and God bless you!

We have been more than fortunate to have someone like you who has given such exorbitant time and energy to our company. You are the epitome of a loyal, hard-working person and your contribution has been significant in our growth over the last 30 years. May our organization will have more folks like you. A very happy thirtieth work anniversary to you dear.

Over the years, we have realized that it is not the disagreement, or agreement that bonds us but the togetherness in the journey. We have immensely enjoyed the last thirty years working with you and needless to say, we are proud of having you beyond our wildest expectations. You have been more than phenomenal for us. We wish there be more employees like you in the world. A very happy thirtieth work anniversary to you!

Sometimes, we do not get what we want. But the divine bless us with more than that. The same can be said for someone like you. We always wished to have someone who is trustable, hard working and gives their heart and soul to our cause. And you have been more than that in every aspect. These last 30 years have shown us everything. And we are happy to continue our work together even more. Happy Work anniversary to you dear!