It’s a great achievement to complete three decades of your life. May the coming months propel you to now accelerate your growth in both personal and professional endeavors. Happy Thirtieth birthday.

You may have turned 30th, but don’t worry you can always be in your twenties, at least in your mind and soul.

The greatest feeling in life is in the anticipation of gifts, not in the gift itself. Happy Birthday on turning 30. My gift will arrive for you next year though. Till then, enjoy the anticipation of it.

Its not turning thirty but the biggest achievement of your life will always be coming onto this planet in the nineties. Long live the nineties millennial.

Thirties is the time when you will desperately want to live a bachelor life with the perks of having a wife.

Welcome to the grand decade of life problems with gf and wife contributing a major part in it.

You may be sad about entering your thirties, but take solace in the fact you are approaching your mental peak. Or may it has gone too.

Its hard to believe that you have turned into your thirties. It seems only yesterday that you entered into your twenties.

In our twenties, we make a ton of mistakes. In our thirties, we make even more. Welcome to the group.

Don’t fret about turning 30. Consider that you are 29.100 years old.

On your thirtieth birthday, may you took wine and dine 30 things to me.

You may have turned thirty today, but we are gonna do your shopping just like your twenties.

Happiness is seeing your friend 30 before you.

Whatever fuck ups we do in our twenties, it is time to do those on even bigger scale in our thirties. Welcome to the decade of fuck ups. Happy Birthday