Friend are the inevitable part of life. They are someone with whom we can share our heart out. We may pull their legs from time to time buts its imperative for us to make them feel special, especially on their birthday. So here we are, presenting the best birthday quotes for friend. We are sure you and your recipient friend will find them amazing to read.

No money in the world can buy us the nicest people in the world. I am so happy to have you as my friend. May you always enjoy loads of success and happiness.

There are times when I had lost faith in love and humanity. It was at those vulnerable moments that a friend like you picked me up and transformed me completely. I feel it was the divine who helped me through you. Happy Birthday to an awesome friend like you.

There are very few people in this world who do not get upset even when someone pulls their legs. I hope you stay like this forever my dear friend!

Its only a myth that our looks starts witnessing a downfall after late twenties. Just look at you. You are soaring the sky with every passing year. May the trend keeps continuing like this.

Your bright, charming smile and exuberant aura can wipe out the stress of any individual. The world would be a paradise if there were more angels like you. Happy birthday!

Its nice to be with a friend where I can unleash my wild side without any fear of judgement.

Its amazing to have nice friends by side with whom I can borrow money at times and never worry about returning it. Hahaha!!!!

Great health and great friend comes only once in a while. And I am glad that I have both of them.

We may be far apart at times but our hearts will always be resonant for each other’s well being. May you surpass your own expectations of success in life. Happy Birthday to an awesome friend.

You understand the pulse of my being like no one else. I wish there be more people like you on this planet.

Nothing in this world gives me more pleasure than kicking your b**t. I know that’s also your favorite thing to do for which I am always there. Happy birthday my dear friend.

Funny birthday quotes for Friend

I wonder how you are able to work so much at night. Even the owls bow down their head in shame after seeing you awake.

If being handsome and wise was a crime in this world, then you my dear friend would be roaming freely. Don’t worry because I would also be there too with you. Hahaha. Kidding only. Happy Birthday!

I must tell you that you really don’t look according to the age. You look older. hahahaha!!! Just like me 😀

If there is an art to be frugal despite earning loads of money, it can be learnt from you!

You have now reached the phase of life where the only increment will be in your ageing number and not in the wisdom level. Don’t fret dear. I have also reached that place too. Happy Birthday friend! 😀

God bless Zuckerberg and his workers because of whom I am able to remember the birthdays of all my friends, including you. It is amazing that it helps me to remind me of my own too. God bless such noble souls. Oh happy birthday to you by the way!

Over the years, a thought has dawned upon my great brain that the anticipation of gift is what actually gives us the high. So I am telling you that your gift will be delivered on your next birthday. Till then, stay happy, exuberant and joyous.

There is amazing power in back bitching. It rejuvenates my mind and soul and you are the best partner to do it along. 😀 Thank you for being there always haha. Happy Birthday dear!

Its a hidden art to look absolutely gorgeous and stunning on one day and a total hideous on the other. Something which I have learnt from my good friend. 😀

Over the years, I blame you for me laughing like an idiot because of your hilarious jokes. But a happy birthday to you!

Inspiring birthday quotes for them

Some of the best things in life are often the result of persistence and high EQ rather than high IQ alone. I wish you tremendous success in every aspect of your life.

it takes immense amount of heat and pressure in order to polish the diamond. But the rewards of it are worth of bearing such herculean task.

When an individual is set onto the right path, there will be challenges along with criticisms. But the divine has blessed my friend with plenty of skills and talents. So I am sure you will make the most of them. Happy birthday superb friend!

Smart work may seem easy to the naked eye and ear but figuring it out can sometimes be more difficult than doing the hard work.

We may argue, we may disagree but we will always have our backs. May our bond of friendship remain alive for eternity. Happy Birthday dear friend!