Thanks for the heads up on this important information. You really saved my time or else I would be going berserk in solving the issue. Mighty thanks again.

No matter how well the preparation is, there is no substitute for the heads-up. A mighty thanks for it.

Awesome thank you for letting me know the crucial thing, otherwise, I would have wasted a lot of time.

I wonder how things would have turned out if it wasn’t for your tip-off. Gratitude for it.


The meaning of “thanks for the head up” means to be informed about something that could potentially be dangerous when came to be known at the last minute. It is usually used as an informal or casual way to thank you for letting me know about a thing that may turn out bothersome in the coming days or months.

Perfect reply

Professional manner

While the phrase is mostly used in the informal scenario, there is no harm done in using it for the business setting too. You can use the following ways to say the phrase in the professional environment.

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