I am sure that you will agree that there is no better phrase to say than “Thank you for helping me”. Acknowledging other’s help is the kindest thing that you can ever do. Not only you feel good about yourself but it also encourages the doer to do more help for the people in need. If you are one of those who got great help from a near or dear ones and want to wish them a sincere thank you, then you will find plenty of such messages in this post.

It is true that help is really appreciated when it comes at the right time with the least effort. Your timing was spot on and I couldn’t have asked for anything more from you. Thank you for your sincere help.

No matter how much we will ever have, life is nothing without the love and nourishment of our near and dear ones. Without your help, I would have gone under immense pressure. Thank you for getting back to me right on time.

For Helping me Grow

Life is all about growing and achieving things outside our comfort zone. While talent and skills can certainly take us far, there is always someone needed by our side to help us grow. Your guidance and support really help me to take strides for my success. I wish there be more people like you who help others to grow. Thank you, dear!

Email Examples

Dear (Name of the recipient)
It has been a roller coaster ride for me for the last few days. It would be wrong to say that I wasn’t in need of any help. While sometimes I feel I shouldn’t accept help from anyone, it would be very disheartening to turn down the help that came from your side. And it really helped!

I can honestly say that your help has been deeply appreciated by me and I am so happy that there are folks like you in this world who would come to offer help. For all you did, please accept my sincere thank you. Deeply appreciate!

Thank you
Yours Truly
(Name of the sender)

For helping me Google

While Google is there to help us out, it still requires a bit of know-how on how to google something effectively to find the desired answer. Thank you for helping me find the answer on Google.

All the answers may be there on the Internet but it takes a smart brain to find the relevant ones in a short span of time. Thank you for letting me know how to search correctly on Google for my query.