Nothing makes a teacher happier than her students successfully completing the course and passing out. It’s one of the happiest days for a teacher when she/he has to give the passing out compliments to the students. A teacher always wants to see off the students on a high note and this is why we have prepared some awesome graduation messages from a teacher that she can give to her students. These messages are inspiring, heartwarming, and a bit funny too.

Teacher graduation message

Congratulations to all the wonderful students. You guys thoroughly deserved this degree because you have worked hard for it over the years. I am so proud to have known you. I am sure you guys and girls will achieve great heights of success in the corporate world.

It’s a great feeling to see you folks now have become competent, skilled, and knowledgeable with this degree. As a teacher, nothing makes me feel more joyous and happy than to see you passing out from this college with flying colors.

It seems only yesterday that you guys came to the university for enrollment. It has been amazing years of teaching, joy and fun with all of you. Thank you guys and gals for giving me the opportunity to teach you. I wish you immense success for your future endeavors.

Graduation personal message examples

You guys and gals have been so amazing over the years. The years have flown by and am so happy that you all have passed out with flying colors. To me, your hard work, patience and team work has been more than awesome and I wish you continue to keep learning in life. Congrats to all of you for completing the graduation course.

Virtual graduation message examples