It is a great joy when your Son enters the twenties. It is the decade where he will take immense strides in his personal life and also in his educational career. The twenty-first year of any individual is the time when they are witnessing too many things in their life. And when it is the 21st birthday, then nothing could be more beneficial for them than the birthday wishes of their Mom and Dad. In this post, we have prepared all sorts of sentimental, hilarious, and heartwarming birthday wishes for your Son’s twenty-first birthday. We also have prepared an awesome list of gifts that you can give to him on his 21st birthday.

The son is entering is transitioning beautifully into a handsome young man from a boy. So proud to see you growing intellectually and altruistic as well. Happy 21st birthday my handsome Son.

Some things can only be felt. The amount of joy that your cute smile and sparkling eyes give to us cannot be measured. No matter wherever you will ever be, we will always be connected by the invisible strings of love and care. On your twenty-first birthday, I hope you will have a great time there. Happy Birthday, Sonny!

From Mother

It has been twenty-one years that I popped you out of my womb. You have been a special kid for our family. You are soft yet strong in mind, a gentle but determined soul, and someone who wouldn’t take BS from anyone. Your Mommy is immensely proud of how you have turned out my Son. A very happy 21st birthday to you.

Legends say that a mother and Son share a special bond. I beg to disagree. I feel our bond is more than surreal. It transcends space and time and human comprehension. On your twenty-first, that you live up to hundred years of age with joy and prosperity.

A great son is the one who takes the side of his mother during the fun and banters with his daddy. Thanks for doing it for the first 21 years of your life. May you continue to do it for another twenty one years too. Happy Birthday!

From Father

A Dad always dreams of having a Son who would look like him, talk like him, and be his mirror image in all aspects. You are not only my mirror image but also possess a strong and unique identity of your own. Needless to say, I am so proud to have you as my son. Happy twenty-first birthday to you.

A bond between Son & Father will always remain complicated. Call it the testosterone or ego, but for me, nothing holds more value to me than my son and all the family members. You are the apple of my eye and your father wants to see you thriving and achieving so much in life. May all my visions about you come to fruition. Happy twenty first birthday to you!

Hey Son! For all your mistakes that I have hidden from your hitler mommy, I deserve a king size treatment of a fine wine and dine. Isn’t it! Happy Birthday!

Funny 21st birthday quotes for Son

I have seen the way our handsome sleeps with a pillow. Gives me a forecast of how lucky his future girlfriend and wife is going to be. Happy twenty-first son!

You may have turned twenty-one but ask your mommy, and she will tell you that men are like dogs but only for the first hundreds of years of their life.

Dear Son! Better find some creative excuses in not letting your Mommy Daddy know about your girlfriends. We have sailed a dozen times in the boat that you are sailing now. Happy Birthday!

Dear Sonny! In life, there will only be one Boss of yours’s. Yes, you guessed it right, your Mother. Hehe! Lots of love my cutie- munchy pie.

Dear Son! It is said that wisdom starts to enter at twenty first age. Not sure about you though. May be a bit longer. But don’t worry because mine started a bit late too. Lol! Kidding at all lad. You are doing absolutely fine. Love you to the moon and back and happy 21st birthday.

Inspirational Quotes for your Lad’s twenty-first birthday

Some are child prodigy while others take many years to realize their passion and potential. Never feel belittle with respect to someone because of yours’s (or theirs’s) achievements. You are my son and you will certainly make something big out of your life. Keep the faith waivered. Happy twenty first birthday handsome boy!

If it ain’t light at the end of the tunnel, then it is not the end of the tunnel. Keep your spirits high and follow your passion.

Dear Son! Always keep in mind that when the going gets tough, the tough always gets going. May you never lose sight of your big vision.

The world is full of people who envy the success of others. May you never be one of them and never be affected from them. Happy Birthday my son.

Its the phase of life where you can rely on the intuition of the divine because the Almighty will never suggest you a wrong path.

Happy Birthday 21st Letter to Son

Dear son!

Its been twenty years (till now) of a roller coaster ride. We thought bringing you in this life was a challenge. But no, raising you up was quite a task in itself, a task which we thoroughly cherish. It seems only yesterday that we brought you at home. We have seen you grow up, and now that you have crossed your teen years, we are extremely excited to see the rest of life unfold before you.

No matter how much ease you will ever have, life will keep challenging you. But that’s what the purpose of life is. You will grow and benefit and so will everyone who is connected to you. Always remember that no matter how hard the circumstances may see, we as parents will always be there. Congrats today for the twenty first birthday. We are gonna have a blast tonight. Love you to the moon and back.

21st birthday poems for him

Twenty-one years ago,
the Almighty blessed us with a cutie-pie,
The one who always used to cry.
The cute angel has grown into a handsome guy
And we wish, all his success limits to the sky!
A very happy twenty-first birthday dear

Gift Ideas for the twenty-first birthday