Every occasion of your child is special. Birthday occasions are even more special. Children leaving their teenage years may feel nostalgic about their previous years upon their nineteenth birthday. But if there is anything that makes a Son feel special, it is the nice birthday wishes from his parents. Parents may find it hard to come up with awesome birthday wishes for their 19th son and this is why we have brought some of the best of them in this post. We are sure that you and your birthday son will like it.

A very happy to my dear son turning nineteenth. May this year be a special one for you. All my love and blessings are there for you my son. Happy 19th birthday.

We may not have all the luxuries in the world but life is perfect and joyous when a Son like you is with us. May you accomplish all your dreams and desires.

There is no pride moment for a father than to see his son growing into a wonderful, handsome, and dashing man.

May you always be brimming with happiness, health, and prosperity. You are our sunshine that illuminates our life with so much than we could have ever asked for.

We may have a different set of opinions and perceptions but our hearts will always be connected with invisible strings of love and respect because you will always be a part of us.

It only feels like yesterday that you came into our life. This year is going to be a turning point in your life as you will be bombarded with more attention than you can handle my son. Happy Birthday, dear!

A fine gentleman was born today, exactly nineteen years ago. The world is full of opportunities for the handsome young guy. May he makes full use of it.

Everything in life needs our time, energy, and attention in order to grow. May you give the deserving energy, time, and resources to the things that you deeply desire in your life.

Dear Son. Sometimes, we may not get what we truly deserve but our hard work and success will always come to fruition, if not in one form then another, if not today then tomorrow.

The handsome son has turned nineteenth today. I wish the divine gives you all the energy in the world to achieve your dreams and vision. Happy Birthday to you my dear!

Wishes From Mom

Happiness is seeing your son becoming handsome, mature, and intelligent way ahead of his years. You are god’s gift to me, my dear. Happy Birthday!

You may be an adult now but for your mommy, you will always be the cute little guy who used to hug her at every instance.

There is a saying that goes out, comes back. Therefore, always be willing to give the very best to the world my son. A very happy birthday to you.

I asked for a handsome son from the divine but he gave me much more than what could I have asked for. Thanks for being by my side my son.

You may be growing up with every passing year, but for your mommy, you will always be the cute, little toddler even if you turn up 30 years from now.

You have not only added more joy to our lives but have also turned me to be a better mommy. May every woman gets a son like you.

These 19 years have flown by. It seems only yesterday that I popped you out and you were crying while we all were celebrating your arrival. A happy nineteenth birthday to you.

Funny & Inspiring Quotes for Son’s nineteenth birthday

Hey Sonny! Always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough get going, not to the daddy always but also by himself. May you never ever compromise on your dreams and visions.

Sometimes it is the hard circumstances in our life that bring the best out of us. May you never ever shy away from dealing with them.

I wish the Almighty blesses you with infinite wealth and gives 10% of that to us too.

We have seen you well you sleep with the pillow. I can only imagine that your future wife and girlfriend will be very happy to be with you.

Sometimes, the best things in life do not come when you expect them. They arrive when you deserve it. May the hard times never ever derail your spirit and faith, my dear son. Happy 19th birthday to you.

Anything that my son will set on sight, he will achieve it because the divine has blessed him with all the talent and ability in the world, including that of charming the opposite gender too. Happy Birthday, sonny!

Letter to Son on 19th birthday from Dad and Mom

Hey Son!
Many Congrats on your birthday! It has been years of happiness, joy, and prosperity with you. You are a great son and are our blessings and support will always be with you. There may be times when our’s opinions and perspectives may not match. But all we care about is your happiness and growth. You have turned 19th now and we can’t wait for the amazing future years with you to unfold in front of us. Happy Birthday once again. God bless you.

Handsome Daddy and beautiful Mommy

Hey Dear Son
Many congratulate on turning nineteenth. Life couldn’t have given us a better occasion to celebrate. We have always believed that you have all the potential in the world to make it big. At times, life does throw curve balls but those lessons can fuel you even more if you take them in your stride with the right perception. We may have arguments and debates sometimes, but all we care about is growth and success. We sincerely wish that all your dreams and desires come to fruition as early as possible. A very happy birthday to you.

To my handsome Son
I congratulate you on this great occasion. Life couldn’t have been sweeter and joyous with you. We are all with you and we know how much you are working hard towards your goals and visions. As you move on towards the goals in life, there will be people who would like you for superficial reasons and there will be ones who want genuinely aspire to the good for you. It takes one bad scenario to find out the real ones from the bad apples. But keeping our level head during those moments and not losing our faith in humanity is the best things that we can do, when the people who are considered as our friends abandon us for one or the other reason. The divine has blessed you with plenty of potential. May your self-esteem, confidence and dashing personality always soar through the roof with every passing year. A very happy birthday to you dear.

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Happy nineteenth Birthday Son