Every year is an opportunity for you to shower love onto your Son. Very few occasions could be as important as the birthday of your darling son. Special occasions deserve special wishes and messages for him, whether he turns seventeen, twenty, or fifty. And this is why we have prepared some of the finest wishes in this post for him. These are written from the perspective of both Mother and Father and your Son will greatly cherish them. So without wasting any more time, let us get onto the post.

It only seems that our gorgeous son came into this world with his high pitch cries. You may have grown up to be seventeen, but for us, you will always be the cute little toddler.

There has never been a dull moment ever since you arrived in our family. I am sure the coming years will unfold plenty of joy, drama, and prosperity. Happy 17th birthday my dear.

You are the cutie-pie who will always be the center of our universe. May all your dreams and visions come to fruition.

My Son deserves the very best in life. The divine is always with him. May he finds his passion calling.

When the divine was sober and wanted to make something handsome, he chose you. Happy Birthday to my gorgeous.

The divine may bless us in many ways but our good Karma comes in unexpected ways. May you always help the needy whenever you are able to.

Whether people praise you or say bad things behind your back, it will always be the reflection of their own beliefs and insecurities. May you never let it spiral your confidence and self-esteem.

From Mother

It is amazing how these seventeen years have been for us. You turned up even more handsome than I wished for. I am so thankful to the divine for having a son like you. Happy Birthday, dear. Lots of love.

It is the year that my handsome is going to be bestowed with so much attention from the opposite gender.

Teenage is the raw power where one can harness to absorb greater knowledge and grasp awareness. May the divine bestows you with plenty of that.

You are more darling and angelic than I could have asked for from the divine. You are the blessing that every family deserves to have. Happy Birthday my darling Son.

Some things cannot be said, they can only be felt. And having you by my side makes me feel joyous, happy, and prosperous. I wish that you live for another hundred more years.

May this birthday inspires you to take a quantum leap in your beliefs and visions. The Almighty has blessed you with more talent and ability than you will ever use in this lifetime. Your gift to him is to make most of those talents and abilities as much as you can in this lifetime.

Inspiring Letter for Son’s seventeenth Birthday

Inspiring Son seventeenth birthday

Some of the worthwhile things in life often come to those who simply persist despite the obstacles. May you persist in times of adversity and never ever succumb to failures.

The tides of waves always continue and is the essence of life. Similarly, the highs and lows are an inevitable part of life and will always challenge you to great success and more awareness.

They said that there is light at the end of every tunnel. If ain’t their light at the end, then it is surely not the end of the tunnel. Happy Birthday, dear.

Wisdom often comes after a painful experience but it is the best teacher in the world.

A great teacher is one who is always a great learner.

A boy may long for the short-term benefits whereas a man will always look for the long-term benefits.

Dear Son! Always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough always gets going.

There may not be any heroic word to the word persistence but it is to success what Carbon is to steel

What to write in my son’s 17th birthday card

Every day and night, we pray for your well-being and success. May the obstacles of bad luck and envy stay out of your path. May the divine fuel you with infinite energy and wisdom that will allow you to chase your visions without any fear. Happy Birthday.

Sometimes, we believe that life couldn’t have been fairer to us. After all, it gave us the son better than we longed for. You may have turned seventeen but you are ahead of your peers. May the trend be always like that.

Great men are born in the era of pain and suffering where they refuse to become a victim of their circumstances.

The right belief and perception will pave the way for all the goodness in the world. The wrong one often seems true though and more interesting to hear. May your head remain wiser in both situations.

There will be people in your life who will appreciate your talent and skills. There will also be the ones willing to pull you down due to their envy. In both scenarios, may you always be level-headed and climb the ladders of success. Happy 17th birthday.

Poems for Son’s 17th Birthday

A cute angel came here seventeen years ago,
Happy he was. Strong and energetic, and always on the go.
Handsome and Dashing as hell he became with every passing year,
May the divine keeps him away from all the ego.
A very Happy Birthday to you.

A great Son is the epitome of blessing from the divine,
Cheers to him for giving us this illuminating Sunshine.
Magnificent is he, who makes us joyous all the time,
May all the obstacles in the world, be deflected away from his destine.
Many many happy returns of the day my darling Son.