Every year of your child is nostalgic. It is also said that Son takes a few more years and mentorship in order to develop the wisdom to deal with the world. So when your Son turns 15, it is the perfect occasion to give him plenty of lovely, grateful, and inspiring messages on his birthday. This post is a sincere attempt for that and here you will find fifteenth birthday messages for the Son. The messages are written from the perspective of both Mom and Dad.

15 years ago, the divine sent us an angel Son, who always brings smiles to our faces. This angel is blossoming into a handsome young man. And am damn proud to be his mommy. A very happy birthday to you Son. Mommy loves you.

Some of the finest and yet underrated pleasures in life are the naughtiness of your children. Dear Son, on this 15th birthday of yours’s, I would say that the coming months and years of your life are very crucial for your success. May you make the most of them. Happy fifteenth birthday to you dear!

From Mom

A Son is one whose first woman experience is his dear mother. You may have turned 15th today my boy, but I still feel nostalgic of the time, when I used to hold you in my arms and would drown in lovey-dovey kisses. No matter how big you grow up, you will always be the cute Son for your mommy. Lots of hugs, kisses on your fifteenth birthday. Tonight we are going to have a blast.

Sometimes, the divine does not give you what we want, but more than that. And this is certainly true in your Mom’s case when he bestowed her with a cute, intelligent Son, who is always light years ahead of his age. Today is your 15th birthday, and I am so proud to say that you are turning into a fine-looking young man who the ladies would adore. Happy Birthday to you dear. May you achieve success far beyond your expectation.

From Dad

Nothing makes a Dad proud to see his son becoming charming, handsome, and intelligent with every passing year. Dear Son, on this 15th birthday, I want to say that you are one hell of a special guy and that our friendship is special. I wish you immense success in your future. A very happy 15th birthday to you dear!

Today as you turn 15th, I think of the nostalgic times when you arrived freshly from the divine. It was a surreal moment dear and still is, to see you grow with confidence. Your Daddy sees his reflection when he sees you. I wish you insane success in the coming years. Happy Fifteenth birthday my Child. Daddy loves you to the moon and back.

15 years is usually the age when things are going haywire for any guy. But don’t worry my dear Son. Your daddy is always here to guide you through the tough times. Whatever be the future may be, we will always support you in your endeavors. All the best my handsome Son and Happy birthday once again for turning fifteenth.