Fourteen years, a cute son was bestowed upon us by the Almighty. These 14 years have flown by and I have relished every moment in all these times. Looking forward to the future years with you dear. A very happy and prosperous 14th birthday to my lovely son. May you achieve success way more than your expectations.

Happiness is when your Son turns mature and develop wisdom light years ahead of his age. Happy 14th birthday to my dear Son. Have thoroughly enjoyed these fourteen years till now. Can’t wait for the joyous future to unfold for us.

Happy Birthday to a handsome young man, who is going to get so much attention from women in the coming years. Dear Son! May you achieve so much success that the world is at your feet. Many congratulations for turning 14th today.

From Mom

A wonderful Son is the one who loves her mommy like no other. And you, my child, have loved me so much for 14 years. You may have turned 14th today my handsome but for your Mom, you will always be the cute little toddler with a bright, innocent, and naïve smile. Happy Birthday, dear!

I wish that my cutie munchy Pie Son would turn back into a toddler so that I lift him, hold him, cuddle him like a newborn. But now you have turned 14th and heavier, your mom has other ways to express love for her handsome son. Many congratulations for turning 14th my Son! Love you to the core!

From Dad for 14th birthday

It is a proud thing for a father to have a Son, who is smart, charismatic, and handsome. Dear Son! We may sometimes disagree but know that your Dad always loves you to the moon and back. These fourteen years have been a joyous ride. I am sure the upcoming years will be one heck of a roller coaster ride. Happy 14th birthday to you dear!

Dear Son! Always remember that the best things in life usually comes with hard work, patience and handling the failures well. Your daddy wish that may this wisdom be instilled in your being right from today. Happy Birthday to my awesome son on turning 14th.

Funny Wishes

The best thing I love about My Son is his sense of humor. You may be only 14th my dear but you are funnier than most boys of your age group. This skill will always get you amazing attention from the opposite gender also if you know what I mean handsome Son. A very happy 14th birthday from your Mother.

Dear Son! In all these fourteen years, I am most grateful that the divine gave you amazing looks from your Mom and the hard-working skills from your father. I wonder what would have happened if you would have got vice-versa from your Mom. Hehe!! Happy 14th birthday to you my darling Son.

Hey Son! I wish I could I tell you to be wiser and much more hard working, but at this age, you are seriously doing very well, as compared to your parents. May this 14th birthday inspire you to achieve success. Many many happy returns of the day to you.