12th year is an exciting time for the males. They are gradually beginning to get a fair idea about how the world works. It’s a time of their life where they enjoy a sense of belonging from the society and also start to identify their unique personality of likes and dislikes. If your Son is turning twelve today, then you can bring a nice smile to his face with awesome messages, wishes, and quotes. In this post, you will find tons of Happy Birthday 12th son messages.

Its has been twelve years till now of roller coaster ride and our Son is the true cause of so much happiness in those years. Many Many congrats for turning twelve today dear. You are growing into a fine, young gentleman and I wish you forge a nice career for your future. Happy Birthday Son.

Dear Son! A dozen years have passed by and it still feels as if yesterday only you were born and came into our lives. I still remember your first cries and smile my dear. No matter how old you grow, you will always be like a toddler who once we picked up, held and bestowed with infinite kisses and love. Happy 12th birthday to you darling.

Do note Son, that you may have turned 12th this year but you are wiser than your age. You are the old soul who sees and understands far greater than most of your peers. I am happy to have a Son. A very happy birthday to you dear. You are unique, no one like my dear son.

From Mom

Happy Birthday to my Son turning 12th. It’s been twelve years that you came into our lives and life couldn’t have been better without you. We may have our shares of disagreements but always remember that Mommy loves you the core. May you achieve insane success way beyond your expectations.

Every Mom desires a son that will grow into a smart, handsome, and wise human being. You are the best Son that I could have got from the divine. These twelve years have gone be breeze. On your twelfth birthday, Mom is going to pray for 12 things for you Son. Happy Birthday to you.

From Dad

Son is the special friend that a Father enjoys. I am so blessed that to have a son like you. You have now turned 12th today and it only makes the feel excited about the future in your personal and professional endeavors. May all your dreams come true my dear Son. Happy Birthday for turning 12, my dear.

You are entering into the age in between that of a child and a boy. The transition may be difficult but someone like my Son will easily cross over the line. Happy twelfth birthday to you my Son. Can’t wait to see you become a man like your Dad.

Sometimes, we may forgot to pamper our growing kids, who needs attention, care and nourishment like all kids. But believe me Son, every time we have disagreements, your Dad feels very hurt. But sometimes we learn valuable lessons from healthy disagreements. Always remember dear, that no matter what, Daddy will always be there by your side, guiding and mentoring you. Happy 12th birthday to you dear! May God bless you.