Nothing touches the heart of a birthday person than the simple, sweet birthday message. It is not about the fancy words or perfect grammar but the message being coherent. And that’s what our aim is in this post. Apart from the message, you will also find a ton of images too. So definitely share these simple and unique birthday messages.

The simplest things in life provides the utmost nourishment that our heart and mind craves. Happy Birthday Dear!

The world needs to adopt a whole new level of simplicity, just like you! Everything about you is mighty simple, but I certainly say, meaningful too. Happy Birthday!

Everyone can complex the simplest of things. It really takes a genius to turn complexity into simplify things.

If everyone would be so open, transparent and egoless like you, the world would certainly turn into a paradise.

Sometimes, I wonder how life would have turned out if you wouldn’t have come into it. God bless and a happy birthday to you!

There are times when its difficult to envision our success but the divine certainly rewards our hard work and honest intentions.

A complete human being is simple and possess a diamond like aura. I think you are certainly like that.

Simple birthday message for best friend

Life has not only gained simplicity after your arrival but joyous and exuberance too. I wish you could have come earlier in life. Happy Birthday!

Dear Friend! Always remember that when the going gets tough, the tough always gets going.

Its nice to have Google, which allows me to copy paste the simple birthday messages to you 😀 Happy Birthday to you dear!

There is no bad day in the world that cannot be quashed with the charm and vigor of my best friend. You really enliven all the cells of my being.

There lies euphoria even in the disagreements between us because our friendship is based on the pillar of respect, love and accepting constructing criticism.

For Husband — Simple messages of Birthday

Happy Birthday to a simple man who rocks my heart and soul. May the divine bestows you with longevity, happiness and insane success.

It takes a real man to handle a real woman like me. Congratulations Hubby for it. Happy Birthday!

You may not believe it, but the Almighty blessed you with more talent and ability that you will ever use in this lifetime.

No matter how hard my day has been. One warm hug from you is more than enough to rejuvenate all the cells of my being.

If being handsome, charming and successful was a crime, then you my dear husband would be in a jail. 🙂 That’s how special you are.

For Wife

No matter how hard my day is, your smile and beauty always wipe out the stress from my being. Love you to the moon and back!

You are the epitome of a woman who is smart, intelligent, attractive and wise too. May all the women in this world be like you too.

Nothing is more attractive in this world than a woman being extremely beautiful and also comfortable in her own skin.

It is very easy for the Almighty to create a beautiful girl because he considers your references for it.

The best gift that the divine has given me is a beautiful, loving wife. I wish you be my partner for the next lifetimes. Happy Birthday!

For Sister

Dear Sister! Growing up with you was the greatest blessing of my life. May every sibling in the world gets a sister like you.

I pray to the divine to make me a toddler again so my dear sister could pamper me again like in those old days.

Not only you are my sister but my confidant too. Your love and pampering is no less than like of a mother and I wish all the best for you.

For Boyfriend

It certainly is your birthday and we certainly know for whom we will do the shopping 😀 Hahah!! Happy Birthday!

Nobody can pull my legs and laugh at me without getting a kick on their behind. Don’t be happy because you are not an exception too 😀

If there was ever a option of having an Oscar for best boyfriend, you would certainly win it my dear! Happy Birthday!

Time is a great healer my love. All it needs a lot of patience and all things fall into place.


If there ever is a combination of altruism, beauty, charm, hard work and success, I think there would be very few people in this world, including you dear!

No matter how far apart we are, our love and blessings will always transcend the space and time to reach each other. Happy Birthday Gorgeous!

Who says that wisdom always improves with age. That’s certainly not true for a lot of people 😀 I love the way you are.