Turning sixty should never be associated with gloom and doom. Life is ever-evolving and if we keep up with it, we will always be vibrant and enthusiastic. We see no reason why entering the sixties needs to be associated with retiring from the joys of life. If you know someone who is turning sixty, then we have prepared some awesome sixtieth birthday wishes. These funny 60th birthday wishes are for men, women, dad, mom, cousins, uncle, and aunt.

A very happy birthday to one handsome guy who has crossed the ups and downs of life with fun, laughter, and sincerity. Happy sixtieth birthday man!

You may have turned 60 but it seems like you have the libido of the twenties. Keep going dear and happy birthday!

Funny Images for Men 60th birthday

When you turn sixty, you realize that you can fart and laugh at the same time.

Happy Birthday to the one who is more energetic, lively, and funny than all the twenties and thirties I have seen.

It will be a challenge to find a birthday cake that will fit all the sixty candles of your birthday. Happy Birthday anyway!

At this age, you need lots of love, care, and blessings. Therefore, am not sending you a birthday gift for turning sixty.

Sending you loads of wishes, blessings along with few gifts, and along with the invoice of them too. Please have the cash ready for the delivery guy.

Short and Sweet wishes for 60th Birthday

When sixty approaches, everything wishes to gaze at the floor only.

Happy birthday to the man who looks half of sixty but possess a wisdom double of sixty.

Its the age when you can retire from the work only and not from the joys and other endeavors of life, if you understand what I mean.

You know that you have turned sixty when a small queue to the doc’s office seems a mile.

Heartfelt wishes for Mom & Dad 60th Birthday

Dear Dad! It makes me feel amazing that our Dad is so cool, awesome, and re-energizing just like my friend circle. Having you as my dad is the best gift can give me and he did. A wonderful sixtieth birthday to you dad.

Hey Mom! Welcome to the sixties. You still possess the looks give anyone a run for their money. So proud to be your daughter.

Funny Wishes for Aunt and Uncle 60th Sixtieth birthday

When the going gets tough for a man, the tough gets going, to the wifey for help.

Congrats dear uncle for turning sixty! Now you are perfectly eligible for the senior citizen account.

Hey aunt! You may have turned sixty and retire but you cannot retire from your job of keeping my secrets safe. Happy Birthday!

Dear Aunt! Over the years of watching you, I have been able to learnt how gravity and ageing works.

Dear Uncle! Those grey hairs are the least expensive thing you can have for acquiring wisdom. Isn’t it! Happy sixty birthday!

Hilarious laughing 60th birthday wishes for Woman

I hope we are able to find a birthday cake that will fit in all the sixty candles equivalent to your age. Happy 60th Birthday!

There is certainly one anti-aging cream in this world that can keep you young forever. And that cream lies between your mouth i.e. your tongue. A very happy sixtieth birthday!

Quotes for Cousin

Happy Birthday awesome cousin. We may be cousins but our relationship is no less than that of real siblings. Welcome to the sixties, my dear!

You may have turned the sixties but your childish activities like leg-pulling of mine will always be there. I hope the fun and banter continues between us like always. Happy sixty birthday to you!