It doesn’t come too often to wish someone on their work anniversary for sixteen long years of their life to an organization. But when the situation arises, one really needs to give heartfelt, inspiring, and grateful wishes to the employee. And that is what we have done here in this post. Lots of messages for the 16th work anniversary.

It gives us immense pleasure to give a wonderful and heartwarming wish to you for completing 16 years of your professional endeavors with us. You have been more of what we could have asked and expected of you. You are simply awesome. Congrats on completing sixteen years. Happy anniversary!

For every success that this organization has achieved, there is a certainly a foot print of your hard work. You have been wonderful in times of need and its so blessed to see how much we have grown together. We would definitely thank you dear family for enabling you to give your best to us. A very happy anniversary to you.

A bond grows only with the ups and downs and the passage of time. Your 16 years have given us everything. Success, joy, and someone to trust. We are so delighted to have folks like you who give their heart and soul. A very happy work anniversary to you for completing sixteen years.

When the going gets tough, the tough certainly gets going. And no one portrayed this in our work better than you. At times, when we needed you the most, you outperform our expectations. For sixteen years, you have been a force on which our organization has survived and thrived. We wish you a magnificent work anniversary for completing sixteen years.

If there would be more folks, the world would be better, cooperative and thriving place. You have been awesome for 16 years and we hope that more and more folks like you will join us sooner than later. But as of now, we are happy to continue the journey with you. May you and your family be happy, healthy and prosperous all the time. Happy Sixteenth work anniversary.