Every birthday of your sister is special. And when she enters into her fifth decade, you got to wish her something special that is relevant for her. Some women may not be too happy entering into their forties but as a sibling, you can help them to feel that age is just a number and that your sister has plenty of joyous moments that will unfold in her life. In this post, you will find plenty of 40th birthday messages for your sister. They are written by both the brothers and sisters.

Hey Sister! It is amazing to see that you have now completed four decades of your life. May this decade propels you to great success in life. May the divine bestows you with all the love, health, and prosperity. Happy 40th birthday!

Some of the best moments in life come with my sister. I am so fortunate to have a sister who is like a mother to me. I wish you immense happiness and prosperity on your fortieth birthday. Heartfelt wishes to you!

You may have turned forty but for me you will always be a tiny, little toddler who I will always bestow down with lots of kisses and hugs. Happy fortieth birthday. Where is the party tonight?

Dear, sister! You may not believe but the forties are the perfect time to go after your dreams. May the world opens up all the opportunities for you. Happy Birthday. Lots of love!

Inspiring fortieth messages for Sister

Hey sister! Where there is a will, there is always a way. May you never ever give up on your dreams and vision. Some of the people who made remarkable success were in their forties when they started. I hope the divine gives you all the strength in the world to fulfill your dreams. Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Legends have it that while there is no heroic connotation to the word persistence, its quality to success is like Carbon to steel. Congrats on turning 40. You have enough wisdom, talent, and skills to accomplish what you truly want. May you always be happy, healthy, and charming. A very happy 40th birthday to you dear!

I have always believed that women are the core pillars of a happy, successful and thriving family. For all my immense success, I have no one to thank for, except my wonderful sister, who has stood by me through thick and thin. Dear Sister! You are entering in your forties but I still feel that we are in your adolescents stages. May God will make keep us siblings in all the next lifetimes too. A very happy fortieth birthday dear.

Funny 40th messages for her

Hey sister! I have learned the secret of staying young from you only, and that is by lying with all my heart. Happy fortieth birthday!

You may have turned forty but you are still a head-turner. Makes me feel proud of having you a gorgeous sister. Happy Birthday!

It is rightly said that when the going gets tough for the sister, the sister gets going to the sibling for help. Hehe!

After seeing my dear sister over so many years, I now understand what ageing is.

You may be entering into the forties but your enthusiasm is like that of your twenties. I wish it stays like that.

Happy Birthday to the awesome sister who has time and again hidden all the mistakes of her brother from the Hitler parents. May the trend continues.

Dear, Sister! An increment in wisdom is not a by-product of aging. I hope you keep this lesson in mind always.

Welcome to the forties, dear sister. It’s the decade where you will start to realize that forgetting often is not unusual.

Short and sweet 40th birthday messages for Sister

A sister is second mother who guides her siblings for the very best. May every sibling gets a sister like you. Happy Birthday!

You are the sunlight that illuminates our life with love, laughter, and happiness. May this precious smile of yours’s be alive forever.