Nothing in life feels more special than completing the fifty years milestone. Whether it is your brother, sister, or any member of your family, turning 50 should not be associated with aging but rather with wisdom. When your dear sister turns fifty, you can send her stand-out wishes for her birthday. There is hardly anyone who would not appreciate heartfelt, funny, and awesome inspiring wishes for their birthday, let alone on their fiftieth birthday. In this post, you will find plenty of such wishes for your sister along with heartwarming images too.

Emotional Birthday Wishes for Sister 50th birthday

Congratulations to my awesome sister for entering into her fifties. It’s the decade where your wisdom will help so many people, including your family and me of course. No matter how much you will grow up, you will always be my cute little sister. Happy fiftieth birthday sister!

May the umbrella of your love, care and respect be always upon me my dear sister. May you be my sister for every lifetime. Happy Birthday and love you to the moon and back.

We may fight, argue and not speak for many days. But deep down my heart, I know that you will always be an eternal part of my soul. I will always forgive you no matter if you hurt me. The journey has now reached fifty years of your life. I hope it goes beyond 100. Happy fiftieth birthday my lovely sister.

Its no less than a joyous moment for me to see my sister turning Fifty. Dear sister, our bond has only gotten stronger over the course of years and I am sure that it will stay alive for eternity. Happy fiftieth birthday to my beautiful sister. May you remain gorgeous, vivacious and pure hearted for lifetime.

Images of happy fiftieth birthday for your sister

Funny messages for Sister 50th birthday

You have achieved a significant feat in your life by turning fifty sister. We are all sending you lots of love, respect and gifts to you, along with the invoice of course. May you pay the bill on time. Happy 50th birthday by the way.

It is rightly said by legends that when the going gets tough, the sister gets going, to the sibling for help. Lol!

May you enjoy all the laughter in the world dear sister, especially till the time you have got all the teeth left.

Hey Sister! You may not realize that wisdom not only increases but can also spiral down with age. Many congratulations for entering the fifties. May the divine keeps blessing you with plenty of knowledge and wisdom.

Dear, Sister! Now that you are fifty, don’t feel sad about it. You are at least younger than your next birthday.

You may be anywhere my sister but our hearts will always be connected with the strings of love, kindness and respect. When so much love and purity is there, there doesn’t seems any need for sending gifts. Right sister?

You may have turned fifty my dear sister, but your age has always stuck at the twenties, courtesy to your lying through the teeth.

The birthday is of my sister but the party and shopping for my sister is going to be borne by your cute little brother only i.e. me.

Inspiring wishes for her fiftieth birthday

It may sound cliche my lovely sister but if there is no light at the end of the tunnel, it ain’t the end of the tunnel. Keep up your pursuits high and the divine will carry you towards your destination. Happy 50th birthday.

Persistence may not have a heroic connotation but its character is similar to that of carbon present in a steel. May you keep the chase high with your persistence.

Some of the biggest accomplishments in life has come to people who became determined in their fifties. I wish the divine to open multiple opportunities for your success.

You may have turned fifty but your wisdom, knowledge will allow you to chase your dreams far more speedily than at any other age. May all the blessings in the world be bestowed at your feet.

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