You may be younger to me sister but your unconditional love and support has been the pillar of my well-being. I am very lucky to have you. May you always have a smiling face. Happy Birthday!

The way you cared for me, I know that you will always be going to be a fine mother. And I hope to follow in your footsteps and care for my child as you do.

No matter how much our hearts disagree, they will always be intertwined with strings of love and respect because we both are a part of each other. Happy Birthday!

I have a sincere desire from the Almighty! I want to be a toddler again so that my dear elder sister could hold me, caress me and pamper me like the cutest kid in the world.

At times, I may get angry with my cute little sister because I also love her with every fiber of my being. I pray for mountains of success in all of her professional and personal endeavors.

Some of the joyous moments of my life have come because of you. You are a ray of sunshine and no matter what, you always bring on your infectious exuberance and happiness.

Its rare but sometimes the divine bestows us with way more than what we truly deserve. Like he gave me a sister like you from the heaven.

Since you are elder to me dear sister, therefore I have been blessed of your motherly tenderly love. I am sure that you will be a great mommy too. A very happy birthday to you.

Hey Sister! You are the perfect example of a woman having beauty with brains. May it always stays like this forever!

I feel like the luckiest child in the world who have an awesome sister. The happy memories and fights will always remain etched in my heart forever.

Its very hard to have a gorgeous face attached to an altruistic heart these days like that of my sister.

Seeing my sister worked so hard in life, now I truly believe that women are amazingly capable of surpassing their own expectations. Happy Birthday to a wonderful sister!

It doesn’t matter how far are we, the only thing that matters is we stand by each other during the times of need.

The world would stop admiring heroes from fiction if they come to know about the struggles and success story of my sister. She is an inspiration and a true Shero! Happy Birthday dear sister!

We surely have done something phenomenal in our previous lives to have each other as siblings in this one. I am sure there are plenty of joyous moments in our kitty of life.

Sometimes mothers may not be able to decipher the world going inside their child’s mind which is why they gave them a shadow of mother in the form of a sister. Happy Birthday to you dear!

Blessed are those to whom the Almighty gave them sisters. Because they are lucky to witness the love and support of them.

The world be so much nicer if there were more women on Earth like my dear sisters. She is the epitome of a perfect woman.

Best Funny Wishes for your Sister on birthday

Dear Elder sister. It seems that the one thing certainly common in both of us is the amount of wisdom. Hehe!! I know you wouldn’t be too upset about it.

I am glad that we have Zuckerberg’s FB that reminds me of everyone’s birthday including that of my sister too!

There is absolutely no need of feeling overwhelming, with lots of birthday gifts. You can of course share it with me.

There are immense perks of having a sister. I can use her make up and wardrobes, that too without telling her at all! Heheh!! Happy Birthday!

Hey sister! I may have grown but you can still try to babysit me in terms of feeding me at least. This way you can practice for motherhood early on.

Dear Sister. At times when I feel like laughing my heart out, I simply look at your face. Hahaha!!! I am sure you do the same thing too.

I have an easy way for having all the bed and sofa space for me only, by farting. Simple, cheap and effective method that works wonder!

Dear sister! You are the only woman after mother of who I fear sometimes.

If there would be an oscar for giving tantrums, my sister would probably be the winner! Happy Birthday!

A lot of burden of mommy and daddy was shaved off because of a wonderful baby sitter like my sister. But sorry sister, I will not pay you for this ever!

Dear Elder Sister! I am the only person in this world who can pull your legs and will still get a kiss on the cheek. Hehehe!

You have been a fantastic storekeeper of my secrets over the years and I wish every child gets a sister like you!

The vibe and environment of the sister is joyous, exuberance owing to her beautiful friends which keeps coming to the house to visit her. I wish you have more friends like her dear sister!