Its not everybody that you get to wish a Funny Happy Birthday to your Son In Law. Humour brings a spark to the conversation. And who said that you cannot show the quirky side of your personality just because you are old?

Funny messages makes your birthday wishes stand. Plus, it is also the perfect way to express your love and care for your Son In Law, who is now an integral part of your family. We have crafted a number of hilarious wishes for your son in law which he will absolutely find them funny. So without any further ado, let’s get started!

I admire your guts to fall in love with my crazy daughter let alone marry her!

Our daughter has always been picky about her fashion style and food. I am happy she was even more picky about choosing the husband!

On this special occasion, we are going to give you a special gift. A special pillow. Its soft cushion will not only give you restful sleep but will also come in handy when trying to save yourself from my daughter.

Happy Birthday to the one who understands me better than my daughter and wife!

You have done some amazing deeds in this life and as a result, you have now entered into my list of people, the birthdays of whom I remember with all my heart. Even my own name is not on that list.


Your wife has done a great job in giving me plenty of grey hairs, hypertension and what not throughout the years and now you are doing a great job in reducing them.

Since you are way past behind your prime, tonight I will teach you how to party like old folks so that you will not have a problem few years later.

You absolutely deserve to have the best of everything and I am glad you already have that now.

Now that you are well grown up, I am sure you apprecaite the simplest things in life such as good shoes, mosquito racket that works, tissue papers and etc. I think you have now figured out whats your gift is going to be tonight!

We have a ordered a wonderful gift for you. I request you to keep ready with Cash on Delivery for the Amazon guy.


Hey son In Law. Whenever we in laws feel bored, we take a look at the weird pictures of you and my daughter.

Thank you for proving my daughter right because she promised us that you are the best man in the world who will be able to bear her tantrums.

You are one of those rare in our family who hasn’t asked for any money till yet. Which is why you are our’s favourite. No worries, feel free to ask anytime!

You have set a new benchmark of handsomeness in our family. I congratulate you for it!

Hilarious Birthday Wishes for Son In Law


We admire your patience to get adjusted to our craziness. I now salute you for being the most crazy person of our family. Some progress you have made.

When the divine was creating you, he certainly took a lot of time. The result has come beautifully.

Today is the best day of the year that you can get a nice gift from us.

You certainly deed some wonderful deeds in your previous life that you got us as your in laws.

Thank you for keeping our daughter like a queen even when she sucks the lifeforce out of you!

You are extremely lucky to be the eye-candy of my gorgeous daughter!

If there would be an Olympics for the best Son In Law, I am sure you will get the Gold medal.

Hey Son in Law. You are not only turning wiser but younger looking too, a secret that I would like to learn too!

Our girl saw a lot of intangible qualities in you, like charm, charisma, hardworking, caring. You saw a lot of tangible qualities in her I guess. Happy Birthday!

Kindly arrange an ambulance and a team of paramedics, in case we in laws pass out while trying to party like you young folks.

May you blessed with so much love, happiness and wealth that you couldn’t handle them all alone.

We in laws have decided on a perfect gift for you which will be delivered to you in 365 days. Kidding! Happy Birthday Son In Law.

We have been fasting for this occasions since 2 days. I hope you will not dissappoint us dear Son in Law.

Only a few more years to go and then you will acquire new skill like mine which is sneezing, farting and laughing at the same time.

I am certainly sure that considering my daughter, your testosterone levels will never drop in life.

Congraulations for completing another year with your wife without losing sanity.

More Funny Wishes for Son In Law Birthday

Dear Son In Law! The presence of my daughter may not make you wiser but certainly clever.

Its amazing to see such a well-settled family. Its the blessing of the divine that our grandchildren got their looks from mommy and the intelligence and charm from their daddy.

I hope your expenses of headache medicine has not risen yet due to my daughter!

May all your testosterone be directed towards my daughter only for the next seven lifetimes!

Whether its your birthday or of my daughter’s, you know very well the money will be taken from whose wallet.

I was thinking of giving you an amazing gift but then I realized you already have one, in the form of me as the best father in law.

Sometimes you get successful and at other times, you get kick on your bums from your wife. That’s life for us men. Enjoy it my dear son-in-law.

You’re proof that our family has great taste – in both spouses and sense of humor!

You are always like the perfect Son to me because I never had to change your diapers, and never had the worry to take care of you. Its the responsibility of my daughter I guess now.