Often there are scenarios where we want to avoid the flirt advances made by the other individual. Women often face this problem and coming up with Savage replies for Flirty texts can be extremely challenging. There are times when you want to reply teasingly for the flirt texts from your partner. For both scenarios, we have crafted savage and funny replies for Flirting messages.

Savage Responses to Pick Up Lines

Your pick up lines needs lot of make up as they are from Dinosauras age.

I am sure an awesome, fun-loving guy but I am not able to see any of that from your vibe.

Please, be invisible to me!

I wonder how many women have been victim of that cheesy line.

You clearly are not well-prepared for a women like me!

If you have a sister, i highly recommend you to take advice from her before using that pick up line!


Is this starter line really working for you?

Sorry. I have my certain type fixed in my subconscious and you are nowhere near that.

Savage Inoffensive Replies to Flirty Texts

You are a more productive person than what you are doing right now.

Are you sure you have not mistaken me for someone else?

I have been living my life joyously until you came.

I admire your testosterone levels to get into my pants but my estrogen levels drops off when I think about you.

You have a thick brain but I believe you have an understanding heart.

Well I forgot to ask you. For whom you are jotting such beautiful lines!!

Lets flip a coin. If heads come in, I will go to movie theater alone. And if tails come in, then you would go to the theater alone. what you say!

Your flirting advances would have got you so many other women in bed by now.

You are certainly more desirable for many women but for me, have to think 100 times.

I am in love with only one thing and i.e. My Netflix. Hope you understand.

I guess your English is not bad but you need to understand what I have been replying to you for ages.

I can only say that sometimes, we learn, and at other times, we keep on chasing.

Your message came at the wrong time because I am enjoying my food right now.

Everything has a saturation. Your trials and effort have reached that level.

If you would be channeling so much energy into other things, you would have been so good at it by now.

You could be good at many things but certainly not in wooing me.

Thank you for putting me on pedestal but I certainly don’t deserve this at all.

Ofcourse, I want the best for you. May be I am not that one.

Savage Rude Replies to Flirt Advances Messages

If you were a plant at my house, I would have stopped watering you from a long time.

I don’t understand why you talk like a broken pencil i.e. pointless all the time.

You are a new level of dissappointment that I have ever seen in my life.

If you were the last man on the planet, I wouldn’t mate with you even then.

You can save my name as “Out of my League” or if you want, I will save your name as “Out of My League” whichever works for you.

Your messages have become nightmare for me now.

We are great friends and I think its best we keep it that way only.

You are becoming another source of migrane for me.

I hope you are getting paid in spending your valuable time in all of this.

I guess you are leaving me with no option other than to block you.

Even God would not be able to understand what I have been trying to explain you for months!

Unfortunately, we are not a perfect match for each other. I am sure you will find better partner than me.

For some reason, the time is really not good right now! I hope you understand.

Its not just looking like an adult but in behaving like that also.

You do this with every other women I guess.

When I visualize you as a friend only, you look so much better than right now.

Sometimes, the only way to make us understand something is in giving two kicks to our behind. Isn’t it?

If you want to make your life hell, continue your pursuit.

Savage Mixed Funny Replies for Flirty Texts

I am good with my predictions and I can tell, you won’t be able to handle me because I am too explosive both in and out of the bedroom.

Few extra inches may be good but they need to be attached to a sensible brain ofcourse.

I really admire how horny you are for me but unfortunately, you are a big turn off whenever I think about you.

You are really like a milk way beyond its expiry because everything about this conversation is stinking.

You need to up your game and come back after 2 years.

I am sure you are watching ***n while sending these flirty messages to me.

The level of your insanity has set a new benchmar in the world I guess.

You can get off thinking about me but I am afraid you won’t be getting anything more.

It is amazing what you can achieve with so much effort i.e. “Nothing”

You may have a chance in another life but certainly not in this one.

Witty Replies to Partner’s Flirty Texts


Seeing you, I can honestly say that men only think with their… Well you know very well, don’t you!

You are my biggest distraction that I can’t say no but this time I have to.

You may be cute from outside but extremely naughty from the inside.

Your testosterone levels and other **thing** seem to be very high today. I wonder what you took.

Sorry my love. These days, my ovaries are bit busy. You would have to wait atleast a week am afraid.

I love you more than the words could express but right now my favourite TV show is going on.