Its disheartening to be ignored by anyone. As humans, we all crave deserving attention from time to time and when our friends and loved ones do not respond in such way, the impulse arrives to message in an anger tone.

But as a wise man once said. Sarcasm has the power to affect humans than polite requests. Therefore, if someone is ignoring your purposely, you may save some self-respect by not requesting to provide reasons for such behaviour. However, you can send sarcastic reply to someone for ignoring you which may evoke them to reply. They may or may not respond but atleast you will feel a sigh of relief on delivering those texts.

Why Do some people Ignore Text?

Whether its your friend or aquaintance, people can chose to ignore your texts due to a variety of compelling reasons. However, those reasons could easily fall under three main reasons which are: –

  1. Busy in Quality time with Children, Spouses or other family members.
  2. Occupied with the office work.
  3. Attending some sort of emergency for themselves or for someone else.

However, if your friend is chronically ignoring your text, you could assume that there is a strain in the relationship. If your aquaintance is ignoring your messages, then the harsh reality could be that the person is not interested in giving time to those texts.

What do you Sarcastically text someone who ignores you?

  1. Did someone told that you will become more good looking if you keep ignoring imporant messages?
  2. You may not speak a lot but I really admire your persistence of ignoring my texts.
  3. I hope you are getting time to pass the urine mate!
  4. I think you have been continuously meditating for some days.
  5. I think you have really important concerns right now such as deciding what to eat in dinner, planning road trips and replying on Tinder rather than to reply my urgent message.

How do you respond Sarcastically when someone purposely ignores you?

  • You have set up a new level of dissappointment by being silent and I couldn’t be more proud of that!
  • Just reminding you that you need to delete my ignored messages otherwise your phone memory will get full.
  • Do you require two kicks on your behind in order to reply me? Because I would be happy to oblige with that request.
  • If you are going to receive cash back for ignoring my messages, then by all means do it a lot more!
  • Someone has rightly said that everyone gets alone, especially when the s**t goes down.

What to say when no one responds?

You should have let me known that silence is your preferred method of communication during times of urgency.

I am sure you are having trouble sleeping at night Isn’t it?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish?

Even the president of USA or of India would have time to reply to message which you are ignoring from some time.

Perfect Sarcasm filled response to Friend for ignoring your message

I hope you are atleast getting time to do the s**t.

Are you in shock or trauma for some incident or has your d**k shrank to the size of honeybee?

This is an excellent way to nurture relationships. What you say? Oops, am sorry! I forgot that you are on silence streak!

Have you become blind and deaf by any means?

I think you are watching too much of enlightment videos these days.

Is this some kind of game we are playing?

Apologies for disturbing your mobile phone by messaging you every now and then.

How do you react when he ignores your texts?

Have you become a monk? If yes, then let me know to help you further.

Even Girls reply faster to strangers on dating apps than what you are doing now.

You have given me another reason why not to trust you again in the future.

If this is your way of playing hard to get then I am afraid you are very bad at it.

If there would have been a prize money for some pathetic communication skills then you would have been a billionaire by now.

Relationship Sarcastic Responses when someone Ignores your text?

  1. There is the marathon streak and here is the silence streak. Kudos to you!
  2. I guess you have become too important now in order to reply for seemingly petty issues.
  3. I feel like I am talking to a Ghost, but even they respond sometimes.
  4. I think you should rather block me instead of givine me a silent response.
  5. This is how you express how much you love me! Isn’t it!
  6. So now you have adopted a new way to reply i.e. by being silent!
  7. For how long this brain fade moment is going to last?
  8. Are you going to reply in this lifetime?
  9. I hope your soul has not been hijacked.
  10. Just like the software version, I think your personality needs some serious upgrades.
  11. You have gifted me plenty of uncertainty, and dissappointment by not replying.
  12. Someone has rightly said that Happiness is seeing the double blue ticks of the messages in WhatsApp.
  13. I didn’t knew about this talent of your’s which is ignoring at the important time.
  14. I thinking you are sleeping 24 hours these days isn’t it?
  15. Are you on a contract to ignore my messages for some time?
  16. You are teaching me a really good life lesson!
  17. People like you are certainly once in a lifetime!
  18. Your silent treatment speaks more than words and actions you do!
  19. I wonder you are the same person that I fell in love with!
  20. You are really displaying your real personality to me now! Thanks for that!
  21. I hope this number is not changed to another person!
  22. I am sure that even God will not be able to evoke a response from you on this matter!

Colleagues Office Politics Related Sarcastic Response when they ignore your text

  1. What happened? Are you upset that the Boss scold you for something?
  2. You are really good at quashing the expectations!
  3. I hope ignoring me resolves your problems completely.
  4. Thanks for your patience of not replying for infinity.
  5. I think now I understand what silence actually means.
  6. You can simply reject my proposal instead of ghosting me.
  7. Getting fired seems much better than the incommunication from your part.
  8. I am glad to be witnessing this phase. It is teaching me a lot.
  9. Its amazing you have all the time in the world to check your WhatsApp but not to reply at my message.
  10. I know you are extremely busy but I hope you are getting time for atleast, lunch and dinner.
  11. Thank you for repaying me for trusting in you by ignoring my texts!
  12. Your silence speaks a lot than the fake promises you made!
  13. Are you taking a revenge on me? If yes, then please state the incident!
  14. I hope you are the same person with whom I could share everything without any politics.
  15. From where did you got the training for ignoring someone’s important texts?
  16. You have been forgiven but will never be forgotten.

Sarcastic Text Replies To service companies when they ignore your texts

Your superiors have really trained you nicely on how to respond to urgent matters!

God forbid if I get a chance to complain to your superiors, you are going to provide a hell lot of explanation.

I think this problem has really arrived on your desk for the first time which is why you are silent.

I have now understand how important the customers are for you, which is Nil!

Are you dead, alive, paralyzied or semi-conscious?

Have your superiors handcuffed you from typing?

Your product may be good but your customer service needs to up the game.

Are you still on company payroll? If No, then please choose to ignore me!