Date getting cancelled is never a good feeling. You anticipated of it for some time and now you have to bear the news that the other person is not gonna show up. But guess what, you don’t have to be sad or rude for it. You can always come up with cheeky funny response in such scenarios that shows you are not butt hurt (even if you are)!

Why the other person cancelled the date?

There could be a host of genuine reasons but you have to be willing to accept that may be he or she does not have the high interest level as of now to show up on a date with you. That doesn’t mean its a no for lifetime. Your high self-esteem would really matter in getting over it. And you can always come up with a cheeky response that reflects about your options.

It always helps to know that there could be reason of date cancellation which has nothing to do with you. However, it is a known fact that humans do have a tendency to make time for something which they value significantly.

How not to respond to a cancelled date?

You cannot be rude to the other person for cancelling date on you. Being rude will hamper the possibility of future date. As we mentioned earlier, the best response is a funny or sarcastic reply. Remember, the key is to genuinely show that you are not affected by the cancelled date. Doing so will only arouse the curiosity of the other person.

Also note not to flaunt about going out with someone else because the other person has cancelled the date. Doing so clearly portrays that you are extremely angry from the incident and makes you come across as low valuable individual.

What exactly your reply needs to represent?

Its a human nature to value something which is hard to get. The date getting cancelled will certainly not feel good but if your response can communicate that you have plenty of genuine options and other alternatives then you come across as a significantly valuable individual who is not butt hurt because someone has cancelled the date. But do ensure that your reply appears genuine and authentic. As I mentioned earlier, the more high self-esteem you have, the easier it will be for you to shrug it off and engage in other enjoyable activity.

Funny and Sarcastic Response to a Cancelled Date?

“No worries! Its the right time tonight to explore the new club in the town and burn some calories.” : – Perfect response as it suggests you have great backup plan that might lead to something fun also.

“Date canceled? Perfect, I can finally catch up on all those Netflix shows I’ve been neglecting” : While its a good response, avoid stating about indoor activities as much as you can. Outdoor activities always appear more valuable.

Perfect Timing! I was just about to rent a Tuxedo for our Macdonald’s date.

Oh don’t worry! Netflix is always my back up date and guess what, it never cancels on the time.

You canceled our date? No worries, I’ll just sit at home with my cat, Mr. Whiskers, and discuss the meaning of life. He’s an excellent conversationalist.

You are cancelling the date? Does that mean I can wear my pyjamas and eat cereal for dinner?

No problem? I will be taking my delivery guy out on the date. He is always on time you know!

I was practicising so hard on balloon inflation skill to show off. Now you would have to wait some time to see those precious skills.

Oh, you’re canceling our date? Well, I guess I’ll use this newfound free time to conquer the porcelain throne.

I had a big plan to sweep you off the feet from my amazing dance skills but now I guess they have remain the shadow for some time.

Date canceled? That’s fine; I’ve got a hot date with my TV remote and a bucket of popcorn.

Date Cancelled? No worries. I will work on my epic novel titled as “The chronicles of cancellation”.

Ok. No worries. Now I would have the difficult task of slotting you in my calender for another date.

You’re canceling the date? My bathroom is calling, and I must answer.

Netflix would be so happy tonight that they have acquired a new customer.

You are cancelling? I was about to publish the news and print the cards of our meeting.

No problem, I’ll take the canceled date as a sign to embrace my inner bathroom DJ, spinning ‘Songs of the Flush

I am sure you must be having pretty good reason for cancelling on me.

Its alright. Now I will have time to ponder on even more worthwhile things like eternal debate on Shampoo or Conditioner: Which is more superior?

Its Ok. I will enjoy a candlelight dinner with Netflix’s autoplaylist feature.

I would want a full refund of the time please. 😀

I was preparing to share my rare rubber-ducks collection with you. No worries!

Great! I will now explore the mystery of the tile grout.

I think you are a master at these things isn’t it!

Oh No! I had prepared a life-size potato sculpture of you. Now I would have to wait longer to show you!

Oh bummer! I was really looking forward to our silent meditation retreat at the local cafe.

Cancelling? I was about to call my imaginary friend to meet you.

Ok. I will have to reschedule my deep sea-diving expedition to the bathtub.

No Problemo! I was about say no to another one. Luckily, you informed me earlier!

I was about to embark on the epic quest of finding the loofah.

Best Back ups when someone cancels the date

The best way is always to have multiple back ups. Going out for a romantic date with another person is the perfect anti-dote for such situations. But if that’s not possible, then you can always do the following to have a worthy time.

  1. Hang out with your buddies to a club or to a theater.
  2. Go shopping with someone.
  3. Go to a club and try your luck on the opposite gender. If successful, the feeling would be wipe out every ill will from the cancelled date.
  4. Watch Netflix

Key Note : – The more you can reply funny (sarcastically)about other outdoor activities after the cancelled date, the better it would be!