Its no fun to say the usual “I love You Too” in response of “I love You”. You can always come up with a funny and clever response that catches the other person off-guard and also displays your humorous and light-hearted personality.

Ohh so sweet. I love you too like a computer loves its Ctrl + Alt + delete button. You are my reset button.” You can say this to express your love and a little sarcasm for the other individual.

Please let me know what have I done to deserve those sweet words.

I suspected it! Does it mean I can be a good detective? What are your thoughts on it? Use this funny line if you are unsure or simply not willing to accept your feelings for the guy or girl.


Is it your love or your lust speaking? Its a humorous way to tease your boyfriend. Guys are known to have a higher **x drive than women and they may say “I love You” in order to get some action.

Too much alcohol my dear?

“Damn right! I am ofcourse adorable as ***k.” This can be used as a hard sarcasm. You may not want to use it with your boyfriend though but only with potential lovers.

You love me really, then shake it for me!

Are you day dreaming again my dear?

“I love you to the moon and back, even if you snore there too.” This is extremely funny and not only displays your love but a sense of humor too.

My love for you is that of bear who loves to hibernate – endlessly.

I love you more than my underwear and that means a lot.

Do you love me as much as you love your phone?

Aww. I love you too as much as the Dog loves belly rubs.

I understand you. Its hard not to love me.

I love you like a bed loves freshly washed sheets – pure love!

My love for you is like the cat loves laser pointer.

I know dear. We both have that in common.

Funny Reply to I love you by a Girl

“If there would be an Oscar for the strongest connection, we would definitely beat the WI-Fi signals.”

I always assumed you nuts are you proving it exactly that!

Ohh No. Not again please!

You make me V*****a skip a beat for sure.

You ate my chocolate, didn’t you?

You might be saying “I Love You” but I know what exactly are you fantasizing.

A better way would be order to my favourite chicken burger. And you better not choose cash on delivery at my address.

Your actions also need to match your words.

If you think complementing me will get you into my pants, forget about it.

The more drunk I am, the more attractive you become!

Good for you that my love for hitting you is less than my love for hugging you!

My expressions for love may also include breaking empty bottles on your head.

You are my secret ingredient for a fantastic life.

Aww.. You are my teddy bear!!

You know what is better than Google. You, as you have all the answers for my search queries.

I love you too and that means a lot but not more than my chocolate ice cream.

So sweet. My best expression for love includes 2 kicks on your behind. So accept it heartily next time.

My love for you is unconditional like that of a squirrel for nuts.

Saracastic Response to I Love you

Did you popped too many viagras my love?” This reply should catch him off-guard.

Are you drunk or sober?

You just halted both the hemispheres of my brain. I hope you are aware of the repurcussions of that!

Stop beating around the bush and cut to the chase! What help you want?

You must have farted really hard because you just blew my away.

I love you like I love elevator farts – trapped but happy.

I love you like I binge-watch my favourite serials over the weekend.

Oh how adorable. I would have never been able to guess that.

Is that you speaking or your private organ?

My love for you is like the fart. Silent but lethal.

“Love is just a chemical reaction, right?”

Oh, you do? I thought you were my stalker.

Well, I don’t mind in tolerating you too!

Love is definitely in the air, and so are my farts!

What happenened? Are you horny right now?

Funny Reply to I Love You by a Boy

What exactly are you ordering right now from amazon that you want the OTP for?

I hope I am getting lucky tonight!

Is that for real or are you practicising on me for someone else?

I love you too but that will not stop me from keep pulling your legs whenever opportunity arises.

Why you love to keep getting inside my heart and head 24 * 7? Don’t you have something else to do?

That is so sweet my love but you won’t be getting any new gifts for sometime.

You must be so tired because you have been running in my dreams all night long.

Is that a synonym for “I want to ***k you right now”? If yes, am taking a half day right now.

Which Rom-Com are you now consuming that is outpouring so much love from all your ****s?