Some of the best moments of my life have come (and will always) with my wonderful brother. May the Lord bestow you with all the talent and skills in this world. A very happy birthday to you brother!

The divine has bestowed us with plenty of talent and ability that we will use in this lifetime. Our gift to him is to use those talent and abilities as much as we can in this lifetime.

Dear, brother! Where there is a will, the Lord will always present away. I pray the divine to engulf you in all the positivity of the world. Many many happy returns of the day to you. Lots of love!

Blessed are the siblings who have their best friends in the form of brothers. The world be so amazing, happy and thriving if there would be more brothers like you. May the divine elevates you to success beyond your wildest imagination. Happy Birthday!

May abundance and prosperity always loom over you for eternity. May the Lord keeps you smiling, charming for eternity. HBD to my brother!

Hey brother! There may not be any connotation to the word persistence but its character to success is like Carbon to the steel. May the Lord feels you with unwavering faith for your goals and visions.

Sometimes, the Almighty doesn’t give us what we deserve but more than that. And that’s what he has done with you dear brother. So the next time you feel low, always remember that the best things in life can only be achieved with sheer hard work and determination. Lots of love!

May the divine enlivens the cells of your being with all the love of the universe. May your heart be happy, healthy and always kicking for adventure. Lots of hugs, wishes and kisses from me. May you be my brother for all the lifetimes.

You may not be best brother in the world but you are certainly more than enough for me. No matter how hard we fight, my support will always be there for you. Happy Birthday to my lovely brother!