A best friend is like a great condom. They do not get worn and slip out even when the going becomes extremely hard. May you always be like that dear friend. Happy Birthday!

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This universal truth however does not apply to my friend. 😀

I always had it in me to be an awesome friend. You simply allowed me to prove that, nothing more 😀 Many many happy returns of the day to you!

Women have incredible powers. They can cause receding hairline of not only their spouses but also of their dad, their brother, their mom and even of their best friend 😀

You have the strangest ability in the world to look amazingly charming and gorgeous on one day and a total hideous on the other. After all, you are my friend. 😀

I have been able to acquire so much success owing to your relentless criticism and leg pulling. That’s what amazing friends are there for Isn’t it!!!

I have seen how you sleep with a pillow and I can totally say that your partner will be very lucky! or at least that’s what seem so. Hahah! 😀 Happy Birthday!

There are two different kind of individuals on this planet. Some will deserve your love and kindness and the others will deserve a straight wild kick to their behind. In both the scenarios, give your very best. Happy Birthday to an awesome person.

The best birthday wishes are the ones which are accompanied by best birthday gifts, along with an invoice too. Happy Birthday!

Age is usually the only price we pay for acquiring wisdom but surprisingly some people don’t achieve it despite outgrowing themselves. How does it feel my friend!! 😀 Hahah

Today, if for any reason you starts to feel overwhelmed with the birthday gifts from all your friends and relatives, then feel free to share it with me. I will be happy to do that. 😀

The best treatment for my sore ankles and depressing mood is in kicking your smooth and wide bum. May everybody gets a friend like you. A very happy birthday to you!

You are the only person in this universe who can make fun of me and not get a whack on his head.

Making love is the best exercise in the world. Burns lot of calories and sends the blood to right places. May you engage in lots of it this year.

Over the years I have learnt that the best way to get over a man, is simple to get under another one.

The best advantage in having a friend like you lies in your ability to be spendthrift on me.

Another year of your life has started and I already know your desire list which you will be creating. Don’t bother to make new one because I will send you the last year’s one. Happy Birthday!

On some days I look like a clone version of Brad Pitt and on the other days, I resemble my German Shepherd. Funny isn’t it! But don’t laugh too much because you ain’t different either. Happy Birthday!

Wisdom may not have a direct correlation with age, but your tummy size certainly has it. 😀 Happy Birthday!

Two things are absolutely unique about you. Your fart and snoring. One can make a person go to heaven, the other can induce a hilarious laughter. Happy Birthday!

I was really skeptical about you turning into a fine young woman. Want to know why? Just take a look at your amazing daddy!! Hahaha :D. Happy Birthday my dear daughter!

Its strange that my lovely daughter resents me for invading her privacy but came in this world through my personal space.

It is only a naughty and charming son who can empty the bank balance of his father and can still make him smile with his endeavors. Happy Birthday Son! Love you to the moon and back!

We might be brothers in the previous lifetime because in this one, you pounce on every bit of my wardrobe and sporting equipment’s. 😀 Happy Birthday Son!

The most easiest way to remain young, charming and ageless is by lying through the teeth.

This birthday message wouldn’t have even born if it was not for Zuckerberg’s FB notification. God bless him and you too. Happy Birthday!

It is a universal truth that men are like dogs for the first 100 years of their life. Cheers to our doggyness!

Tonight is the only day of the year when you can gulp down your favorite food and wine. Just don’t go berserk like a wild dog.

The best way to feel young is to roam around fat, lethargy people. Simple and easy method.

The time has gone when you were turning old on birthday. Your age is now transitioning into the ancient era. Many congratulations.

I will always be thankful to your Mom and dad for bringing you into this world when my mom and dad brought me. Great timing and co-incidence must say.

Since today is your birthday, therefore I suggest you to refrain from sex so that you gather all your energy into blowing out the candles.