Growing up in the school, you may or may not realize the value of leadership from the top, which impacts the fair running of an institution. Yes, there are teachers, staff, but the one that is responsible for everything is your Principal (and ofcourse the management). A great principal sets example by actions, and not merely by words. Needless to say but when the principal retires, it is a sad occasion for the students, staff people, and for the teachers as well.

But the best gift that you can return to your principal for his / her hard work , determination and work ethic is a sincere retirement wishes that will make your principal feel love and respected. In this post, we are jotting magnificent retirement wishes for the principal along with quotes and Images also.

Principal Mam Retirement Message Image

Respected Principal Sir / Mam. You have been the epitome of discipline, hard work, and work ethic and we as students have learned greatly from you. It is sad to see you go but as we know, life is a journey and we are sure that your journey is about to get even more interesting, joyous, and full of prosperity. On behalf of all the students of our class, we wish you a magnificent retirement.

While I am happy that you are looking at the next innings of your life, I am equally sad also. You are leaving huge shoes to fill in. Many principal will come but for them to be like you, may not happen ever.

The best period of my life is arguably the school one and my principal played a huge role in ensuring that we had an awesome culture, great teachers, and a lot of nostalgic memories. I wish there be more principals like you in this world. Happy retirement

I will never forget the valuable lessons you have imparted to us. Learning was always a joy with you and we wish that you remain healthy, happy, and prosperous for the rest of your life. Very happy retirement to you dear sir.

After a few years, we students may be departing to the colleges and university, but the foundation of our careers has been secured by you. Thank you for making our school days memorable. You were simply the best individual who could have led us in our formative years.

Dear Mam, you may be retiring but you will always be in our heart and soul. I wish that the next innings of your life be even more joyful, adventurous. Praying to the Almighty that you live for thousands of years.

Many teachers and principals have come and gone in our school but there never will be anyone like you. You are the epitome of a great leader and I will always miss your way of addressing the students with encouragement, heartfulness, and smile. All the best for your next venture.

No matter how hard I am going to try to stop my tears, I won’t be. Our principal retiring is the most saddest news that we have heard however at the same time, I am happy also because now you will be able to spend a lot of time with your friends and family. Happy Retirement mam.

Thank you sir for all that you have done for us. My school days have been memorable because we had someone like you. We wish more principals be like you in this world. Will miss you surely.

If students of other schools and colleges will be jealous of us, we will not mind it because a principal like you doesn’t come often. You have set some unbelievable high standards for the next person to step in your shoes.

Dear Mam. You may be retiring

All good things, unfortunately, have to come to an end and is so the tenure of our respected Principal Sir, who has left no stone unturned for enabling a perfect atmosphere for both the students and teachers. Schools would be so awesome if every one of them has a principal like you Sir. Now that you are transitioning into retirement, we do hope that you are going to enjoy life even more. Happy Retirement to you Sir. There would be no one like you.

Best Retirement Quotes for Principal Sir/ Mam

Happy Retirement Quote for Principal Image

If there is one wish that God could promised us upon asking, then we would surely wish that you would always be our principal for eternity. But since you have to go, we have to let you go but we will always relish the time that we spent as students under your leadership. Thank you for everything Principal Sir. Happy Retirement.

Dear Mam. You are only retiring from the principal post and not from the joys and prosperity of life that is more to be bestowed upon by the divine. We wish you a magnificent retirement full of liveliness, enthusiasm, and great health. Happy Retirement Mam!

Sincere Farewell Message to the Principal

Dear Sir. While I may never have the chance and opportunity to speak with you, I hope this retirement message of mine will let you know your wonderful impact that your leadership has had on me as a student. I have grown by leaps and bounds as an individual and your style of working, ethos and charisma have propelled me into a more outward, confident, and doer person. I wish there be more principal like you in the world. Happy Retirement to you!

Everything in this universe happens because of the will of the Almighty. And it was the destiny of us lucky students to have such a wonderful principal in our formidable years who has always been kind, sincere and someone who walked the talk. I hope our next principal will be just like you but I know we are asking for too much from the Almighty. I am sure our principal will continue to have a charming, fulfilling and impactful tenure where he/she will guide people with his/ her wisdom, experience and knowledge. Thank your principal Sir / Mam for everything. It has been an honor to be your student. Happy Retirement

Perfect Tribute and Speech for the Principal

There was a time when we as students were afraid of our principal Sir / Mam, mainly out of respect. But having spent all the adolescent years under his/ her tenure, I can honestly that you were the best thing that could have happened to our school. Your diligence and enthusiasm to be with the students was the hallmark of true leadership, who not only inspired students but I am sure, teachers as well.

While I am sure the principal Sir/ Mam is more than happy to leave us 😂, we as students and teachers will never ever forget the contributions that he/she has made not only in our academic years but also in our life. His/ her words of wisdom will always be cherished like nostalgia. I as an individual may accomplish many more feats in my life later on, but these memories will always stay in my heart and I am thankful to our wonderful Principal Sir / Mam for making it happen.

Lastly, now that Sir / Mam is retiring, I can only feel how lucky the next institution and people would be who are about to meet him / her in his / her next venture in life. Dear sir / Mam, do note that wherever you will ever be, our heartfelt wishes will always traverse the space and time to reach you. There never ever would be someone like you again, that we can all agree on. Thank you for everything Sir / Mam. A very happy retirement to you!