Throwing someone off-guard may not be the right thing to do but done with the right intentions of humor, fun and liveliness, can bring much needed distraction from the daily worries of life. And all of these really matter if you want to liven up things with your Girlfriend! Sending her prank messages will display more of your witty personality and will also spicen up things in bedroom. So without further ado, let’s get down to the prank messages for your girlfriend that we have uniquely crafted for you!

He: – I am 100% confident that you are just a FINE lady!
GirlFriend : – Reallly? Only Fine??
He: – Yes. Simply Fine!
GirlFriend : – Okay. As you think so!
He : – Fine meaning Fantastic, Intelligent, Naughty and Exquisite.

He: – You are always energetic and charming and this is becoming a serious issue now.
Girlfriend : – Darling? Why you say so?
He : – Because every night you come and run in my dreams. Don’t you get tired!!!!

He: – Do you know the only time when God spilled out a slang?
GirlFriend : – No.
He : – He did! After he created you!
GirlFriend : – Lol! What did he said actually?
He : – Holy s***t!!

He : – Do you know there is only one race in the world which makes you participate again and again despite the exhaustion?
GirlFriend : – Which race is this?
He: – The race to Orgasm!

He: – Do you know the one thing that I have accomplished after meeting you?
GirlFriend : – No. What is it?
He: – The ability to stay up all night!

Romantic Flirty Prank Messages for Girlfriend

You wouldn’t believe where I am standing right now?
Girlfriend: Where?
He : Right outside your door!
GirlFriend : Seriously? Go away! My Dad is home
He : – No Way!
GirlFriend : – Really?? You are going to get me in trouble!
He : – Don’t worry. I am in the midst of a dream!

He: – I am sure that you Dad was a pharma scientist
GirlFriend : That’s not true!
He: – He certainly was!
GirlFriend : – How can you say so?
He: – Because he created the best d**g in the world, YOU!

I may not be a photographer for sure but I always picture you and me, in BED!!!

He: – I just want to bring this up. There is something that I will not be able to afford with you!
GirlFriend : – What?
He : – It is difficult for me!
GirlFriend : – What?
He : – Buying condoms everytime I meet you!

He: – Its been a problem for a while.
GirlFriend : – What happened Love?
He : – My knees are getting weaken day by day
GirlFriend : – Oh, no! Are you okay sweetheart?
He : – I am very much okay, infact happier!
GirlFriend : – Why you say so?
He : – Because that means I am falling for you!

He : – Do you know that when I want to humor myself, I look into the mirror.
GirlFriend : – Lol, so funny!
He : – And when I want to up a few things, I look at someone else.
GirlFriend : – ???
He: – Yes!!!
GirlFriend : – Who?
He : – You!!!!

He: – This ain’t a joke. But I am warning you that if we continue, then I would always be breaking a thing for sure!
GirlFriend : – What happened? Are you Okay?
He : – Yes, am very much okay. Just letting you know!
GirlFriend :- What exactly you would be breaking may I know?
He: – The BED!!!!

I want to let you know that I am getting married very soon.So!!!!
GirlFriend : What are you saying? Is this a Joke?!!!
He: – Absolutely No!
GirlFriend : – So!!?????
He: – So you better fix your dates so that I can arrange the date soon!

He : I can honestly tell you that there will be few things in life which will always be hard for us!
GirlFriend : Really? And what are those things?
He: – Keeping hands off each other!

Funny Prank Messages that will throw your Girlfriend Offguard

Hey sweety! I just met a wonderful nice man you wouldn’t believe.
Girlfriend: Who
She: Your Father!!!

He: – Someone is messaging me that it wants you to come at a certain place.
GirlFriend : – Why?
He : – The message is it wants you to come at a cerrtain place and then sit on it
GirlFriend : – What ridiculous?
He: – I understand. But even I want it!
GirlFriend : – What are you saying?
He: – Yeah. Exactly what you are seeing! Even I want you to do it! Its been a long time
GirlFriend : – Who is saying all of this?
He : – The empty chair at Starbucks Cafe and I couldn’t agree more!

He: – After meeting you, some things in life have become really hard!!!
GirlFriend : – Oh Sweetheart! Are you Upset for some reason!
He : – On the contrary, I am very happy!
GirlFriend : – So what’s in life that has become really hard?
He : – My little brother residing permanently between the legs!

He : – The other day, I saw you laughing and looking into eyes of a handsome lad and I couldn’t ignore this fact!
GirlFriend : – No Way! You must be joking!
He : – I am afraid I am not! And this is very serious!
GirlFriend : – I swear. Nothing of such is happening from my side!
He : – I know!
GirlFriend : – Really? Who was the lad that you are talking about
He : – Your Brother!

He :- You are amazing! Bless the divine to send an amazing woman like you on the Earth.
GirlFriend : Thank you my Love!
He : – Oh shit!!!!
GirlFriend : – It was meant for someone else
GirlFriend : What???
He : – Yes dear!
GirlFriend : – For who?
He: – For your Mother!!!

He: – Dear! I want to make a confession
Girlfriend: What?
He: – Do you know that everything about between us is a 1000 LIE?
Girlfriend: – What exactly you mean?
He: – Means 1000 times more love in Eyes!

He: – You know that there comes a time in the day when I remember you the most?
GirlFriend : When?
He: – When I am changing my clothes!!!

He: – I have a huge concern regarding our marriage!
GirlFriend : – Yeah say it loud my love!
He : – Our expenditure on clothing, especially of your’s will be super high!
GirlFriend : – Why do you think so my love?
He: – Because we will be tearing each other’s clothes more often than you think!