Dear sister! Always remember that the most worthy goals of life often come with persistence as the price. But their reward is worth the every effort. Happy Birthday to you!

Life wouldn’t have been amazing and a roller coaster ride without a crazy sister like you. Happy Birthday Dear! Know that your family is always there for you!

No matter how upset we will be with each other, my umbrella of love and care will always be there upon you sister. May all our resentments fizzle out and pray for your immense success.

The divine favors the women who are willing to help themselves in the first place.

I may not be the best sibling but you are certainly the best sister that any sibling will ever have in this world. May your accomplishments surpass your own expectations by a mile.

When the divine wants to create beautiful, intelligent and wise women, he takes the references of my sister. That’s how special you are!

The world would be so much nicer, happier and thriving if there were more women like you in this world. May you accomplish great success in all your personal and professional endeavors.

No matter how old you will be. The smile on your face will always enliven the heart of people around you. Wishing you health, happiness and longevity.

No matter how far we are from each other, our good wishes and blessings for each other will always transcend the space and the time. Stay happy, stay blessed. Happy Birthday sister!

There would be no need of fictional characters in the world if the world knew about the heroics of my sister. She is the perfect Shero. May you mount insane mountains of success after success. Happy Birthday!

Cute & Inspiration, loving birthday messages for Sister

Even the disagreements with you rejuvenate the cells of my being. I love you more than anything in this world and I hope you be my sister in all the next lifetimes. Happy Birthday!

Its no secret that men desire my sister. She has everything that a man would want in her. I wish she find her prince charming too. May you never settle for less than what you deserve.

I have been lucky to be pampered by my dear sister. And I can only say that you will be one hell of a good mother. May you always be lively, exuberant and full of vigor.

You are way more talented than what you perceive yourself to be. I hope that you surpass your own expectations with a big magnitude. God bless you dear!

It is amazing to be beautiful not only from outside but from inside too and I am so happy that you are like that.

It is my desire to turn into a toddler again so that my dear sister would pick me up and smother me with kisses and hugs. You will always be like my second mother dear sister. Happy Birthday!

We know that its your birthday. But we also know that we will be shopping for whom Isn’t it sister! 😀

Aiming so high in life will not often get you support from your peers. May you never get dishearten because of it and continue to tread on your path to success. All the best sister.

People who are altruistic and cuter, just like my sister often get hurt more. But the divine is always there to propel her in the difficult of times. Happy Birthday sweet sister!

Contrary to the popular belief, women do not need a man to complete themselves. So if any man tries to make you feel less valued, move on from him because there are plenty who will adore you sister.

I will always be there for you sister

We may hurl abuses sometimes. We may vent out our frustration but know that there is no one like you who understands the pulse of my being. I wish more sisters be like you!

Sometimes the best thing to let a person propel is to leave and trust them completely. As much as I want to protect you from the harshness of the world, I realized I was doing more harm than good. I would love to see you making your own decisions based upon your judgement. Happy Birthday sister!

Friends may leave you, your guy may leave you and your supporters might not be there for you tomorrow; but the family and me will always have a shoulder for you. Our unity will always be strong and deeper for eternity. Happy Birthday Sister!

You may be old but….

It is only a myth that the prime years of women are up to her thirties only. They haven’t met my sister actually who can give a run for money to the younger ladies. If there is a permanent class, charm, charisma and beauty, it is you my dear sis. May you always be like it. Happy Birthday!

There have been countless examples of women achieving a significant in their late years. Don’t be dishearten sister. You are onto something good. My prayers and blessings will always be with you. Happy Birthday!