At times, people resort to personal attacks in order to humiliate the other party. Being called ugly for any reason is never a pleasant experience but more importantly shows the toxic attitude of the abusive individual.

A mentally strong mindset is a must to encounter such experiences. Appropriate replies are a must to in order to combat the situation. And being prepared with them can push the abuser to a defensive state which will allow you to handle the situation more effectively. This article is a sincere attempt to provide comebacks when someone calls you ugly for any reason.

How do you respond when someone calls you ugly?

There should be bachelors course of 4 years for people like you on changing the personality inside out.

Even My knees and elbows look more handsome than you mate!

As predicted with perfection, you are a miserable person who doesn’t have any social life!

I wonder you look past people’s superficial looks.

You need some real evaluation about my looks as well as about your looks!

Its amazing what people like you do during whole day. Nothing!

If you feel better in thinking that, I am happy for you!

Yeah, and your A** looks like as if it was run down by the truck!

I know you forgot your medicines today for controlling the toxic mindset.

And what exactly have your looks gotten you, Nothing!

If I am ugly, then what exactly are you mate?

What does it mean when someone calls you Ugly?

It means that the person is only venting out his frustration and it barely has anything to do with tother individual. Proper replies can be given in such cases when someone calls ugly.

You are a new benchmark of loser in life!

I have everything which insane people like you don’t have i.e. peace of mind.

You are more dumb than you look in real life!

Its better to be Ugly than be a failure like you in life!

If you would have paid this much attention on your work, you would have become something by now.

Even God wouldn’t be able to change your toxic personality.

I hope you find a good psychologists.

Me being ugly is still better looking than you!

Guy’s Comebacks to being called Ugly

I prefer to have balls of steel than a pretty face.

That’s all you do whole day isn’t it! Finding faults in people when you yourself are full of it!

You are polluted from head to toe!

Someone like you will remain virgin even after marriage.

I prefer to look ugly rather than an Alien from mars like you.

I pity your parents and siblings who bear a personality like your’s.

Do you think an opinion of trash like you really matters?

If you are handsome, then the earth will be filled with single ladies only.

If you get a goodnight sleep by calling me ugly, feel free to do so!

Did you get hit by a car today on your head?

That makes the two of us.

Atleast, I get some action whereas for you, it will always be a dry season.

Even if you are the last man on the Earth, you still won’t get any action.

Thanks for the opinion. Unfortunately, for you, this opinion can only stay opinion and never be an actual fact.

Really? Your sister otherwise thinks opposite!

You are really making your parents proud isn’t it!

Thanks for showing how jealous you are!

Atleast, I don’t plaster my face with pathetic beauty products like you!

Well, you are the Brad Pitt of this colony aren’t you!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you call your Dad and Mum the same way!

Hahaha. That’s it? You need to do better mate to upset me!

And yet I still attract tons of women whereas someone like you will always be a loner!

Ok. I will use filters like you do to hide the flaws!

Comebacks to Being Called Ugly if you are a Woman

Wow. You sounded as if you practice this daily in front of the mirror. Isn’t it?

Did you know what God said after he created you? “What the F**k””?

You are sicker than I thought you to be.

Thanks for givine me your undivided attention. May some of good traits pass onto you!

Unfortunately there is no photoshop for you to hide your ugly personality.

Its easy to cover ugliness whereas for you, its hopeless.

If I am ugly, then where exactly you stand girl?

Please excuse me, I am not your mirror dear!

I am certain that 90% of your beauty could be removed with Kleenex.

Atleast, I have brains unlike you!

Well, you definitely need a doctor my friend!

I can get an idea of your parent’s upbringing.

I am comfortable in my skin whereas you are a gone case.

Who gives a shit what you think. Atleast, men try to woo me all the time whereas they run away from you!

God has blessed me with plenty. You better care for yourself.

Comebacks for Guys when a Girl calls you Ugly

You have tons of imperfection which I don’t want to spit out in front of everyone.

I pity the guy who bears your sick personality.

Atleast, I am better-looking than your father and brother!

Is that the worst you can come up for me! You need some creativity but I guess you are an empty head!

If I am ugly, then what exactly is your boyfriend!

Even my bitch looks so much more beautiful than you!

Girl! Do you need to get your eyes tested?

Beauty is temporary, personality is forever which you have none!

Well, am not a disaster like you.

Atleast, I have the audacity to look natural unlike you, who can’t even look decent without a ton of makeup.

Comebacks for Girl when Guys tell them Ugly

I wonder what your parents taught you in your childhood.

In the game of life, you are a person with zero success.

I was taught that animals cannot speak but today I have witnessed you.

And when God was creating you, he was drunk as hell.

I have atleast hope whereas you are hopeless.

I look like human atleast, you look as if you were a horse in the previous life.