Rare are the special persons in our life who touch our heart and soul and make life more fulfilling. You mean the world to me and I wish you loads of success and happiness. Happy Birthday to a special person.

Its only a few people that have in them to take on the challenges of life and bring them into fruition. May your desire propels you to great success. May you achieve the impossible.

The good things in life have only compounded ever since your arrival. I am sure there are plenty of joyous and vibrant moments in our kitty of life. Happy Birthday special!

I may not be there on such a wonderful occasion but my heart and soul is broadcasting all the lovely wishes and blessings for you. May all your desires come true!

Its no ordinary day today. It is the day when the Almighty sent a very very special individual on this planet Earth. Your presence illuminate the lives of many. And I am deeply grateful to have you in my life.

God surely took a lot of time when he was making you and I you surely haven’t disappointed the Almighty. You are the perfect epitome of a beautiful, classy, wise and intelligent girl. in short, you are nothing less than special. Happy Birthday dear!

May the love and laughter be always on your mind,
I hope the divine keeps us together for 10000 lifetimes!
Some souls will never ever be replaceable,
And I hope that our journey will always be sublime!
Many many happy returns of the day to a mighty special person!

May every year notches up your beauty, charm and charisma. May your ageing stops forever. Happy Birthday to a special soul.

Its only the grace of divine who sends someone like you to understand the pulse of our beings. My heart yearns for your company and I am so looking for our friendship to go the long way.

We must have done some amazing deeds in our previous life to have got each other in this lifetime. You are a breath of fresh air and the world would be so good with more special persons like you. Happy Birthday!

Your birthday party tonight deserves to be as special as the person you are. May you have a blast. All the best wishes for your personal and professional endeavors. Happy birthday!

Life has only been amazing after you have arrived. The bond with you holds a special place in my heart and soul. Many many happy returns of the day dear!

Roses are red,
Lillie’s are white!
When my special person is with me,
Then everything is all right!
Happy Birthday to one heck of a special person

Words cannot suffice my thank you to you for all you have done for me over the years. Even the fights and disagreements with you have been more than rejuvenating. May it always stays like this forever.

No amount of wealth and special occasion could compensate for a special person like you. You are my lifeline and my life can only thank you for making it wholesome and better. Happy Birthday sweetheart!

No days goes by unless I think of my special friend. You are one in a million and life couldn’t have been more special without you. May our bond remains alive till eternity. A very happy birthday to you!

It is only the magic of the divine that the Almighty brought two special people together. Its hard to imagine now how life would have turned out otherwise. May this bond glues even more with every passing year.

May every obstacle fizzle out against you
I hope the divine blesses the best upon you!
You have been nothing less than a special,
And I hope that your efforts keep up the pursuit!
A very happy birthday to a special cutie Pie

There is no fiber in my heart and soul that remains untouched with your zeal and exuberance. You have been immaculate and I only wish that more people get to have a special person like you in their life. Loads of birthday wishes to you!

Words will not be sufficient to describe your intangible yet powerful effect on people. You stood by me when nobody did. I will never ever forget this. Thank you for being there.

Special person Birthday wishes — You may not be perfect …..

You may not be perfect person but you have done a lot for me than I actually deserved. You are undoubtedly a big reason for my success.

No matter how much we fight or argue, you have every time surprised me with your ability to bear criticism, in making wise judgement and in many other aspects of life. I only wish that we remain connected through all the lifetimes.

We may not like everything about each other but there is assurance about your loyalty, transparency and altruism. More people in this world needs to be like you. Happy Birthday!

You may make mistakes but I know deep down that you always try to overcome them. I wish you a magnificent birthday dear!