We all dream of bigger things in life and I sincerely pray that all of your dreams come to fruition because you deserve it. Happy Birthday!

We need more shining threads like you in the tapestry of this world. Your aura and altruism makes the world peaceful, calmer and thriving too.

Your umbrella of love and care has always given me the intangible yet nourishing things in life like love, respect and support. And you have all of that from my side too. A very happy birthday to you!

We really don’t need another planet to live in. We simply need more humane people in this world like you who can make a life heavenly on this planet. Wishing you mighty success and loads of love! Happy Birthday!


Life never throws obstacles in our path. They are only the challenges which we have to overcome. And I truly believe in your abilities to overcome them because your courage is greater than your fear of failure. Happy Birthday!

Its hard to vision the success if one is surrounded by darkness. But keep the faith and continue moving. Success may be closer to you than you think! Happy Birthday buddy! Keep the pursuit!

Sometimes I wonder how life would have turned out without you! I can only say that you have a fair share in my growth and success and I wish the very same for you! Happy Birthday!

No day can be gloomy doomy if an individual has you in their life. You always catapult me from the bad times and I wish more people like you in this world. May you achieve every success that your heart yearns for!

Cute Wishes

If there is something that vanishes my stress at all times, it is your cute and naïve face. Does not mean that you are though 😀 But you are amazing the way you are ! Happy Birthday cutie! Tons of love!

Your heart and soul has the ability to turn bring a joy onto someone’s face. May the world witness such more people like you.

You may get angry at times, but I know you will never hold resentment towards anyone, let alone for me. May you always be like the sweet, little angel. A very happy birthday to you!


Since it is your birthday! I am gonna make it really hard for you to escape the evening without giving me a king size treatment. 😀

The best mosquito repellants in the world are no match to your fart. RIP the mosquitoes who have aboard heaven due to it. Happy Birthday!

Today is the day when you can gorge on food like a pig and nobody will say a thing to you! 😀

You really don’t look old my dear friend! But you don’t look any young either! Enjoy your natural look according to your age 😀

A very happy birthday to an awesome friend of mine who stays young always, by lying through her teeth of course! I wish I could have learnt this secret too earlier. God bless you darling!

There is insane superior feeling in being the first one to wish birthday. This is why sending you birthday wish way before everyone else. Happy Birthday!

Since it is your birthday, I am guessing you will be receiving a lot of gifts today. If you ever overwhelmed with a ton of it, simply share it with me and I will thank the giver.

Who says that we grow up by 18? Some keeps growing all throughout life like my dear friend. Happy Birthday!

Sometimes a vegan gift for a vegan friend like you is difficult. Therefore, I am gifting you a nice mineral water on this birthday, along with an invoice of course. Happy Birthday!

You certainly may have acquired more experience in the last year, but I am not sure what it is though! 😀 But keep moving in the direction of wisdom. Happy Birthday!

For Best Friend

It has been an awesome journey of friendship with you. And I guess, we are just starting a new phase of deeper and evolving friendship. May we always be friends for eternity. Happy Birthday to you!

For Bestie!

We may besties but I am sure we were sisters in our previous lifetime. I hope the divine make us same in the next lifetime too :). Happy Birthday bestie!

It is amazing to feel that in all these years, I know a lot more dirty secrets about you than you know about me. May it stays forever like this! Haha! Happy Birthday!

Best For Dad

Its no easy task to bear a Son like me, who throws tantrum. But only a Dad like you could have brought the very best in me and you have. I pray to the divine to make you my dad in next lifetimes also. Happy Birthday!

You are like a fine wine who is only getting finer with age. Your charismatic along with dignified look is becoming more captivating with every year. May the trend continues. Happy Birthday Daddy!

For Mom

You have not only brought me into this world but has also infused me with the very best upbringing. I couldn’t have asked for a better mommy in this lifetime. Happy Birthday dear! Love you to the moon and back!

For Son

You have bought a ray of exuberance, joy and vigor in our lives. The mere smile on your face makes me feel like the best dad in this because I have the best son in this world. Happy Birthday! Lots of love to you!

For Daughter

I have always longed for a loving, beautiful and courageous daughter and the divine certainly blessed me with that. May you never backdown from the desires you want to achieve in your life. Happy Birthday dear daughter!

For Brother

You are not only my brother but my confidant, and mentor too! Those deep conversations, and late night talks always nourishes my inner being. Whatever you are aiming for in life, I pray that you achieve them in abundance. Happy Birthday!

For Sister

You may be my sister but you have always cared for me like a mother. And I wish every sibling in this world gets a sister like you. Happy Birthday dear sister! God bless you!

I could never go wrong in life because your umbrella of love, tranquility and wisdom is forever on my head. Happy Birthday to you sister!