As a parent, nothing could give them more happiness than a baby blessed from the divine. It is a surreal feeling to have a baby boy and girl, to hold them in your arms and see them smile, cry and sleep. As a father and mother, we want to relish every moment of their arrival on this planet. As a Dad and mom, we want to wish them for any reason and when they turn one month old, it’s a perfect occasion to shower them with heart-touching birthday wishes. And this is exactly what this post is about. Lots of 1 month baby birthday wishes here for both Son and Daughter.

For Baby Boy from Mom

Congratulations my lovey-dovey. The day you came into my life was the happiest day of my life. You are God’s finest creation in this universe. This 1st month has been a roller coaster ride. Can’t wait to see you grow. Happy first month birthday my child.

Much thank you to the divine to the Lord Almighty for blessing me a healthy child like you. May you cute, healthy and thriving throughout your life. Happy 1 month birthday my baby!

When you were in my womb, all I wanted you to be healthy and thriving. It is hard to take my eyes off you my dear baby boy. Know that your mommy adores you with all her heart. Congratulations on completing one month on this planet. God Bless!

Hey child. Your mommy has been so much longing for a baby boy. I am so glad that you have come into my life. Can’t get enough of seeing you sleeping, yawning, and giggling by my side. Happy Birthday for completing one month, my cute boy. Lots of love from mommy.

My dear Son has completed one month of his great life. His mommy is going to make him a champ. Son, I promise that I will always be by your side. Many congrats on being 1-month-old.

For baby boy From Dad on 1st month

Hey Son. As a Dad, nothing makes me proud to see a beautiful baby boy gifted to me by the divine. You are absolutely cute and adorable and will go on to become mighty handsome. This one month has flown by with all the happiness because of you. Can’t wait for the future to unfold with you my boy.

The world may see daddys as hard and tough but when they are blessed with an adorable baby son from the Lord, then even their hearts melt. You are absolutely the best thing that I could have got in this lifetime. My dear baby Son, Daddy is so excited to see you grow and to take you on adventure trips and more. Happy one month birthday.

For Baby Girl from Mom

It is no wonder that the Lord blessed me with such an adorable cute girl 1 month ago. As a Mommy, I couldn’t be more proud. You are the perfect child that any mother would have been blessed with. Happy one-month birthday my dear girl. Mommy loves you!

They say that daughters are the best friends of Mommys. And I couldn’t be luckier to have been blessed with a wonderful baby girl by the Almighty. You are absolutely like an angel my dear baby girl. Very happy birthday for your 1st month.

For Baby Girl from Dad

It is no secret that every father wishes to have at least one baby girl. And the lord has filled that wish of me. I feel surreal seeing you smile, cry and sleeping my beautiful baby girl. You are absolutely incredible and your Daddy can’t wait to see you blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Very happy birthday for turning one month old my cutie.

As a family, it makes us so proud to have a wonderful addition of a beautiful baby daughter, who is adorable. Nothing makes a dad more proud to father a lovely daughter. You are absolutely the best thing in my life. Happy Birthday for completing 1 month and lots of blessings for the future.