If it’s the birthday of old folk, nothing could be better than to make him or her happy with a heartfelt, funny, and sincere wish. Old age brings a lot of challenges with it. Words really have the power to make someone happy, especially if it’s a special day like a birthday. It is really hard to write a decent and funny wish for the old man and woman, let alone for their special occasion like a birthday. And this is why we are writing this post and you will really like the different sorts of wishes, especially the funny ones for the old folk’s birthday.

For Old Man

May you share all your wisdom, experiences of your life with your friends and family. You might not want to share the details of your heydays though! Lol, A very happy birthday to a lovely gentleman.

Despite all your weird eating habits, it’s a miracle that you are not only alive but kicking too. I wish it remains the same forever.

You are turning older but your stupid habits will keep on continuing, at a slower pace though! Happy Birthday!

Today is the day when you wanna smile with all your heart and all your teeth because you never how many teeth of yours will be available for your next birthday.

Its the age when a queue in the doctor’s lounge seems like a mile one.

When the going gets tough for the old man, the old man gets going to his partner in crime i.e. the old woman. Happy Birthday!

It was difficult to find a cake that could fit in the no. of candles equivalent to your age but I will be sending it to your place, along with a nice invoice. Please have the cash exchange ready and happy birthday to you.

You may be an old folk but your desires are equivalent to those of teenagers, if you know what I mean.

Its the age where you can let your body do the smiling and farting at the same time.

Today is the day when you have to perform the difficult task of cutting the cake. You can sleep then after that.

Happy Birthday to an old timer from another old timer.

Short and sweet wishes for the old man and woman

You may be old dear but you are certainly becoming more lovable and charming with every passing year. May the Almighty bless you with plenty of years. Happy Birthday!

For Old Woman

Despite your age, you are still a head-turner for guys of my age. This is injustice for women like me! Hehe! Kidding dear!

You are certainly old but at least younger than the next birthday.

We are going to celebrate your birthday with all our might. Along with the nice gifts and lots of people, we are going to have an ambulance today, just in case you get faint while blowing all the candles.

You surely want a birthday today that will hold the no. of candles equal to your age. You can certainly count on me for that dear.

Legends have said it that age is just a number. They forgot to say that the number can be big too.

For older sister

Happy Birthday to the awesome sister whose wisdom is double of her age and energy is similar to folks who are half of her age.

Funny Pictures of Birthday for Old man & Woman