Your niece may not be your daughter but she is certainly not less than her too. We are sure you will agree with the sentiment. Teen years and early twenties are some of the best years that every girl gets to enjoy with her family and immediate family. And if today is her 20th birthday, then nothing could be better for your niece than some nice, sweet, and adorable birthday wishes. In this post, you will find plenty of wishes for her twentieth birthday.

Happy Birthday to our adorable niece. May this twentieth birthday brings you lots of happiness, fun, and joy.

You may have come through my lovely sister, but let’s admit it, you got the great looks and I dare say, great brains from your aunty only. What you say, aye!!

You are not only like my daughter but my best friend with whom you can share your heart out.

I wish this birthday be as amazing as my gorgeous niece. May you forever be surrounded with nice, hearty and lively souls. Happy birthday sweet heart!

Congratulations to my niece for turning twenty. May we share immense happiness, joy, and prosperity in the coming years.

Happiness is when your niece trusts and hugs you like her own father. A very happy birthday to a pretty girl.

It is the decade when boys are going to be after you, and girls may repel you for being too gorgeous, charismatic, and intelligent at the same time.

Where there is a will, there is a always a way!

Dear Niece! Always remember that when the going the going gets tough, the tough gets going, to her aunt (and uncle too).

When the world is against you my dear, remember that your aunt will always be there for you.

Welcome to the twenties, where you can make zillions of mistakes and still get away with a cute smile.

My dear niece. If there is one thing that I have deeply learned from your aunt, it is in staying young forever, by lying through the teeth of course.

When the niece is lucky, the divine blesses her an uncle, who says yes to every no-no of her daddy. Cheers to my girl on your twentieth birthday.

The world would be so much good, thriving, and peaceful if there would be more nieces like mine. Welcome to the decades of twenties where you are free to commit as many mistakes as you can.

Happy twentieth birthday to an awesome niece who is blessed with a beautiful, gorgeous and smart aunt.

Dear Niece! Welcome to the twenties my partner in crime. What’s cooking tonight?