The day is bright, the birds are chirping loud and the breeze is soothing because it is the birthday of my lovely friend. Happy Birthday dear! My support will always be there for you in your personal and professional endeavors.

No amount of material wealth can replace the natural highs and adrenaline of my life which I have enjoyed it with you. Those are the moments which makes life more worthwhile. And I am sure the kitty of life has plenty of such moments for us! Happy Birthday dear!

Its strange but worth notifying that some of the meaningful things in life are always intangible like our friendship and support to each other in harsh times.

Some moments in life will never be replaced, like our years of chemistry and camaraderie. You have been an amazing person and your friendship has given me tons of stomach ache laughter and happiness.

The most valuable things in life can only be conveyed and not spoken sometimes. But today, I am letting my heartfelt sincere sentiments for your well being and success. May you achieve them beyond your wildest expectations. A very happy birthday!

On your birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to thank your wonderful parents for bringing a wonderful person like you and infusing you with all the goodness in the world. May the divine bestows you with unlimited joy and health.

Sincere and Emotional sentiments

There were times when I lost my faith in humanity and friendship but its the people like you who invoke the faith again. I wish all the happiness in the world to come to you. You are the epitome of a joyous, exuberant and altruistic human being.

The charm and enigma of your aura can bring even the corpse back to life. Its heart touching and soul warming. Tonight, we are going to celebrate this birthday with full enthusiasm and vigor. Happy Birthday!

In this day and age of superficial value, it is hard to find individuals with an awesome character. Your presence has not only permeated altruism in me but has also brought out the very best in me.

The world could be more happy, creative and exuberant place if there were more people like you, especially in the corporate world. Glad to have you in my life.

Life has been a roller coaster ride and your colorful personality has all the shades of humor, spicy and euphoric. I wish you remain like this forever.

Many times in life, its not the outer things but simply the mere presence and wisdom of an amazing person like you who brings a tectonic shift in perception and thinking, for the greater good. I wish you all the best for your success. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday sentiments for Everyone

Its nice to have some amazing friends in life from whom one can borrow money without thinking about returning it. Hahah!

I along with others have organized a wonderful get together for us today on this eve of your birthday. We have also arranged an awesome gift all from your own money. :D. I hope you will enjoy immensely. Happy Birthday!

Today is the only day in the entire year where I will talk only the superficial words about you. So to the most awesomest individual of this universe, happy birthday and I pray that all your hearty desires come into fruition.

There is a saying that where there is a will, there is always a way. I hope that the name of your good friend finds its way into your rich will agreement. 😀

The unwritten clause of every friendship is to never look more handsome, prettier and smarter than your best friend, especially to the opposite gender! Hahah. But exceptions are allowed sometimes. Happy Birthday to an amazing friend.

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going; but not my dear friend. Congratulations for setting a new benchmark of laziness this year, a thing that you learnt greatly from me. Heheh! Kidding dear! A very Happy Birthday to you

You have not only been an amazing friend but an excellent punchbag too. Thanks for being at the receiving end of my criticisms many times. I know I deserve a payback. Heheh!! But a very happy birthday dear!

The Inspiring Ones

Some things are hard to achieve in life. And most of the time, they often are the worthwhile things. But its our faith and courage that keeps us moving in difficult times. And I know that you have lots of it dear. So keep moving and your vision will come to fruition surely sooner than later. Happy Birthday!

The word persistence may not have a heroic connotation but its value is like that of carbon in a steel. May you keep climbing until you reach the top of your goals. Lots of birthday wishes to you dear!

Its nice to have people like you who can not only share the highs of life but the pain and sorrows also. I am glad to have you and I wish more people in this universe be like you. We are gonna have a blast tonight. Happy Birthday dear!

I really admire your ability to keep your calm and compose despite the knocking setbacks in life. May thats the peculiar reason of your success. I wish I could replicate this same in my life too. Happy Birthday!