The arrival of a newborn is always a joyous moment for everyone in the family. Whether someone is in your family or friend circle, it is a good endeavor to wish them happy wishes for the new baby. But if you are having doubts about how to write a great message for your co-worker, then we have plenty of wishes here in this post that you can send to your colleague.

Hey buddy! Many Congrats on the arrival of the new one. My blessings to the newborn for a happy, healthy life. May the baby and mother are doing fine.

The divine has blessed you with a wonderful gift in the form of this baby. Many congratulations for it. The baby couldn’t have asked for better mom than you. You will be a great mother. So happy for you.

Its an awesome news that I am so happy to hear about. You are a wonderful human being and you will be a wonderful father too. Many Congrats for the new one.

Its so awesome that you have got a new family member. My heartiest congratulations to you and everyone in your family.

Congratulations for the angel from divine. May this life force brings lots of luck, happiness and prosperity in your family. Our blessings to the new born.

So happy for the arrival of your new born. It will be funny how you will be changing the diapers. I am sure you will do it willingly.

We couldn’t be more happy to hear the news. The baby knows that she has the coolest parents in the town. Very lucky she is.

It is so amazing how the Almighty bless us in various ways. I am so elated to hear this awesome news. May the child achieves success and fulfills all the dreams of you.

As you are venturing into parenting, you will love every moment with your newborn. From the sleepless nights to the changing diaper, you will cherish everything about the baby.