Let the worries of today be borne by the divine. The Lord has bestowed you with great health, and blessings and may you always be happy, charming, and your usual self. Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Hey mother! You have been the pillar of our life. There is no obstacle that can impact us because the divine has always blessed you and your children. I pray that you be my mother in all the next lifetimes also. Sweet kisses and love to you mother!

When creating my mother, the angels took plenty of time to ensure she is smart, gorgeous and absolutely kind hearted. The world would be so much nice, cooperative and thriving if only the divine would have spent many more spiritual souls like you. Many many happy returns of the day mother!

The divine may send you some difficult situations to deal with but that is because you are capable of handling them on your own. Happy Birthday to the coolest mom in the world.

I couldn’t have asked the Lord to send me into this world to another mommy. No matter how much I will grow up, I will always be the cute little toddler of you. Love you Mommy!

There is always strength in a mother’s blessings. Amazing is the Lord who created my mother. May you always be my mother for eternity.

Dear Mother! Even if we are far away from you, our good wishes will always traverse the space and time to reach you. May you always be strong, hearty and healthy. Lots of love mother. HBD

I have seen bright, charming soul even at old age. She is my mother and I wish she stays like this for eternity.

I must have done some amazing deeds in my previous life that the divine bestowed me with such a wonderful mother. I wish every child gets a mother like mine. Wishing her a heartfelt birthday with lots of hugs and kisses.